Frequently Asked Questions

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What if we paid but didn't need the services, can we get our fees refunded?  First, we are always hopeful that parents find their way out of litigation and the invasiveness of a court services or custody evaluation investigation, and into an agreement through an alternative dispute resolution method. If your case is finalized before any interviews have been conducted in the services ordrered, we will refund the fees paid to the party paying them once it has been verified that the case has finalized. To request a refund you may email us at or call 817-884-1616.  Be sure to include your cause number and the name and mailing address to send the refund to.
What happens if the other party doesn't pay their fees?  Unless the court orders otherwise, we do not start services until all fees are paid.  You have the option of paying the other party's fees so we can start and address it with the court or in negotiations later -- or consult your attorney to take the issue back to the court. 
What if the other party does not appear or otherwise does not participate in the services as ordrered?  Family Court Services will move forward with the services based on the information from the cooperating party.
What if I can't make the orientation date I was given? Although we prefer the parties to attend the same orientation, it is not required that you do so if it is not possible.  If you cannot make the orientation originally scheduled, please try to attend as soon as possible after that on any Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. (Except for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Christmas).  You do not need to reserve a seat, just show up and sign in. Read more about orientation.
How long do interviews last? First, please remember that the caseworker will not conduct the interview unless the Personal Data Form has been completely filled out. Interviews with the adults in the case usually take up to 2 hours. Interviews with children generally occur in the home and take less than a half an hour depending on the age of the child.
Where can I park? The most convenient parking is in the parking garage on the corner of Weatherford and Calhoun.  The entrance is on Calhoun across from the side entrance of the Family Law Center.  Be prepared to pay $2.50 for the first 30 minutes up to a maximum of $10 cash to park.  The parking garage does not take credit or debit cards.  There are two other parking lots nearby which have self-pay machines and there are meters surrounding the courthouse. If you come in the morning, most of the meters have a 2-hour time limit which is strictly enforced so you must move your car when time expires. If you have handicap plates or a placard, parking at the meters is free but time limits still apply.
How do I get a copy of my court orders or decree? You may obtain a copy of your court orders through the District Clerk on the 3rd floor of the Family Law Center. View the District Clerk's web page.
How do I find my court for temporary orders or divorce? The first three numbers of your cause number tell you the number of the court. EX: 324-100000-14 means that your case is in the 324th District Court.  Even-numbered courts are on the 4th floor and odd-numbered courts are on the 5th floor. For temporary orders, your hearing will be in the  the "Associate Court" with the same 3- digit number. When you arrive, check in with the bailiff by giving your name and your cause number.
Where do I file papers? The Family District Clerk's office is located on the 3rd floor of the Family Law Center.
View the District Clerk's web page.
How do I find my child support court? If you have a child support case in the IV-D court, you will check into one of the waiting rooms on the first floor behind the stairs. 
Will I have to go through security at the courthouse? You can enter the Family Law Center through the front entrance on Weatherford Street or the side entrance on Calhoun Street. You will have to go through a metal detector and weapons of any kind, including a pocket knife, will be confiscated. You will most likely have to remove your shoes and must put all bags and large jewelry or accessories through the scanner.
Where can I get another copy of the Personal Data Form (PDF)? You may print another copy of the Personal Data Form.
May I bring my kids to the courthouse? Please do not bring your children to the courthouse unless specifically ordered by the court or requested by your Family Court Services caseworker. The courts frown on bringing children to the courthouse and there is no place for the children to stay while you conduct your court business.
How do I get a copy of my custody evaluation report? Written reports are only released to the judges, and attorneys for the parties.  Pro se parties may read and review the written report in the offices of Family Court Services. None of the parties, even those represented by an attorney, shall receive a copy of a written report due to the sensitive nature of the information in the report.
What do we do if we come to an agreement in Parenting Coordination or mediation? The agreement will not be made into an order until it is drafted in proper form and signed by the judge.  For assistance in drafting your agreement, please consult an attorney.  Links here to our resources page for legal help.