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Question   Answer  
Can your office help me if my case is not in the IV-D Monitoring Program?
Yes, you may apply for services if you meet certain qualifications.  More information regarding application services.
Do I need to appear in court?
Yes, unless you have received a notice from this office stating otherwise.
Do I need to hire an attorney?
It is your decision to hire an attorney or represent yourself.  If we file for enforcement in your case, we do not represent you or the other party.
Do you modify custody orders?
Do you modify possession and access (visitation) orders?
Does the Domestic Relations Office represent me?
The Domestic Relations Office represents the county/state.
How can I get a copy of my court order?
Contact the Tarrant County District Clerk's Office.
How can I get my child support increased/decreased?
If the case is in the IV-D Monitoring Program, contact Tarrant County Child Support Services to have your case reviewed.  Read Additional resources.
How long will it take for the other parent to be served/arrested?
It depends on the agency assigned the service papers/arrest warrant.
What are Legal Support Services' office hours?
Monday through Friday,  7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Will it take all day for my case to be heard in court?
It is best if you plan to be at court the entire day.