Carol Roark Collection


Dee Barker, Duane Gage, and Lon Burnam

In the image shown, donor (far left) confers with (left to right) Dee Barker, Duane Gage, and Lon Burnam regarding which images to hang where in the 1895 Courthouse. Byrd Williams IV, photographer, 1983.

Summary: In 1983, donor curated photographs on exhibit in the 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse. Four books authored by donor are Fort Worth and Tarrant County: An Historical Guide (TCU Press, 2004), Fort Worth Then and Now (TCU Press, 2001), Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks (TCU Press, 1995), and Catalogue of the Amon Carter Museum Photography Collection (Amon Carter Museum, 1988). Carol worked for the Historic Preservation Council for Tarrant County, a group that conducted an historic resources survey of 2,200 buildings in Tarrant County. This collection also contains construction papers related to noted architect, A. B. Withers, who designed and built many Tarrant County school buildings throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

  • Index card file of Fort Worth related photographs and booklets held by the Amon Carter Museum. Many were used in the 1973 Amon Carter Museum Fort Worth's 100th Anniversary Exhibition (Ron Tyler, Director).
  • Papers of A. B. Withers, architect - correspondence, contracts (and drafts), receipts, and plans for multiple construction projects in association with the Federal Works Agency (FWA)
    • A. B. Withers - Correspondence and Papers undated, 1940-1947, 1951-1952
    • Lumber Bill - Glen Rose School, undated
    • Lumber Bill - Funeral Home for C. L. Christian (Decatur, TX), undated
    • Azle High School, Housing and Home Finance Agency Office of the Administrator Community Facilities Service Project No. Texas 52-C-37-B (three booklets), 1952 
    • Castleberry Schools - Project Nos. TEX-51-C-20-A; TEX-41-713-N; TEX-41-604; TEX-41-P-39; TEX-41-P-325 (project booklets and documents), 1943-1945, 1947, 1950-1951
    • Como School - Serving Counters, Dishwashing Counters, and Sinks - Correspondence, 1950
    • Crowley Independent School District No. 62, Tarrant County - Post War Public School Facility - Project No. TEX-1294 - Specifications and Contract Documents, August 5, 1946
    • Eagle Mountain Consolidated Common School - Specifications and Contract Documents, 1948
    • Handley High School - Sound System - Specifications and Contract Documents, 1951
    • Industrial Building - Fort Worth, August 12, 1946
    • Riverside Junior High School - Cafeteria Equipment, 1950
    • St. Andrews Methodist Church, June 12, 1944
    • Village Creek - Project No. TEX-41-704-N - Correspondence, Contract Documents, and Federal Works Agency Documents, 1945
    • Village Creek - Project No. TEX-41-704-N (folder 1), 1944-1945
    • Village Creek - Project No. TEX-41-704-N (folder 2), 1944-1945
    • Village Creek Common School District No. 55 - Project TEX-41-704-N - Specifications and Contract Documents, 1944
    • White Settlement - Project No. 41-175-R, 1942
    • White Settlement - Project No. 41-586-F School, 1943-1944, 1946
    • Storm and Garmon Building for Ralph Hilgenburg (Breckenridge), February 27, 1946
    • Gainesville Junior High School - Elmer G. Withers - Public Works Administration Project No. TEX-2007, August 27, 1936
    • Residence for Homer Sewell (Jacksboro, TX) - A.B. Withers, undated
    • Municipal Building for Mineral Wells, Texas, August 1949
    • Graford School Project - Project No. 12749 and Gordon ISD - Project No. 1462 (Palo Pinto, Texas), 1935, circa 1940s
    • Knox County Construction Projects, undated
    • Home residence for Mr. and Mrs. John Davidson (Mineral Wells, TX), 1941
    • Addenda to the Specifications for the Elementary School Building for the Sinton ISD, Sinton, Texas, 1941-1942
    • San Diego City Schools - School Housing Needs Created by Defense Program, San Diego, California, - Correspondence and Documents, 1941