Procedures for Minor Turning Majority (18) Receiving their Trust Fund

The County Clerk’s office has approximately $23,000,000 in invested trust accounts.  A large portion of that money is in trusts for minors.  Once the minor turns 18, they are entitled to claim their money.

The minor is sent a letter and acknowledgment form before they turn 18, and are told they can start the process of receiving their trust fund on their 18th birthday or after. If the minor comes into our office, they bring their original birth certificate, current state ID or current school ID and Social Security card.

The judge signs the order to pay the minor their money.

Once the check is written, the minor comes in and picks up their check or the check is sent to them via certified mail.

If the minor would like to request their trust fund by mail, the minor has to complete the acknowledgment form in front of a notary and mail this document along with the original birth certificate, a copy of their current state ID or current school ID and copy of their Social Security card. The original birth certificate is mailed along with the check.