Steps in the Felony Alcohol Intervention Program entry process include:

Case Filing - felony DWI cases are filed randomly into one of the 10 district courts trying criminal cases.

Initial Screening - FAIP coordinator reviews each felony DWI case filed in Tarrant County for defendants who meet the initial criteria.  Ideally, the review should be initiated within 30 days of the defendant's arrest.

Legal Screening - District Attorney determines legal eligibility of the defendant and assesses the public safety risk of potential participants.

Letter to Defense Attorney - FAIP coordinator notifies defense attorneys of DWI defendants who have met initial criteria and legal screening, indicating that their client may be eligible for FAIP.

Pre-Sentence Investigation - An investigation is scheduled on the earliest date possible after a call from defendant's attorney.  The defendant may attend with his/her defense attorney.

Team Decision - FAIP team votes on admission and suitability at its weekly meetings.

Plea of Guilty - The Coordinator sets a court date for plea of guilty in Criminal District Court No. 3.   Although case is not transferred, Judge Catalano supervises the defendant under 42.12 10 (a).

Clinical Assessment - Post plea, the nature and extent of the participant's diagnosis and clinical needs are determined and clarified.