Program Structure

Felony Alcohol Intervention Program program structure consists of:

  • A seven-year sentence probated for four years and
  • A six-month or one-year hard driver's license suspension.

Participants must have a Partner In Recovery (PIR) throughout the entire program and follow an individualized, cognitively-based treatment program specifically designed for the repeat DWI offender.

Services for education, counseling and other assistance are provided by outside agencies. Participants are referred to these services throughout the program as needed.

Intensive Supervision Monitoring - A case manager monitors each participant placed in the program, conducts home visits and requires the participant to submit to urinalysis for detecting illicit drugs and alcohol. The case manager works closely with the court and service providers.

Compliance Hearings - The Court holds weekly court compliance hearings to review the progress of each participant. Both incentives and sanctions are used as methods of motivation.

Disposition of Court Case - The probation period is four years. Upon successful completion of the program, the participant is released from supervision.

The key to the success of this program is the multi-agency team, which includes the judge, defense attorney, district attorney, case managers, MADD, treatment providers and ancillary service providers.