Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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# Question Answer
 1 I don't need help with food.  Why do I have to apply for food stamps? Food Stamps are an example of an "outside resource" for which you may qualify.  The money you save by using food stamps can be used to pay for other basic needs, such as rent and utilities.
 2 I have an income, but I have a large family.  Can you deduct what I pay for rent and other expenses?
The GROSS INCOME is looked at when determining eligibility.  We do not deduct any amount for rent, childcare or other expenses.
 3 Will I get assistance today?
It may be one or more days before an appointment is given to you.  A TCDHS caseworker will call you back to complete a telephone pre-screening interview.  If potentially eligible, you will be issued an application packet.  When we receive your entire completed application and documents, we will review them and determine if you may be eligible for assistance.  If potentially eligible, you will be scheduled a face-to-face interview.
 4 I used to be on Section 8 housing, but I gave it up because I didn't want to get help from the government all the time.  Now, I just became injured and can't work.  Can I get assistance? If you lose any benefits, either by choice or because you failed to follow another agency's rules, you will not be eligible for assistance.
 5 I was denied food stamps because I did not turn in all my paperwork in time.  Can you help me? Applicants in this situation must re-apply for food stamp benefits and provide a food stamp award letter.
 6 I was denied food stamps because I have a late model car.  Will this keep me from getting help from your agency? Owning a vehicle will not prevent you from qualifying for assistance.
 7 Are refugees eligible for assistance? Applicants must be legal permanent residents or U.S. citizens in order to receive assistance.
 8 I received a denial letter.  Can I appeal?
Yes.  Call our main office at 817-531-5620 within 10 days of the denial and select option 4.