Tarrant County Jury Services provides jurors to 51 courts.  We have courts located in downtown Fort Worth, northeast of downtown Fort Worth and in every sub-courthouse in Tarrant County.  We are not part of the federal or municipal courts.  Each judge sets his or her own court hours.  Generally, the courts work 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.   

If you receive an online assignment, follow the instructions in the email. You are reporting directly to the court at the time they request.

If you are reporting to the central jury room, you may receive an assignment for that morning, afternoon or the following business day. 

The courts adhere to a strict appearance policy. Appropriate dress for your court assignment should be whatever you would wear to a job interview: no shorts or inappropriate t-shirts and tank tops.

Legal reasons to be excused are listed under the exemptions and qualifications.  Business and economic reasons have to be addressed inside the courtroom. If you have a conflict with serving, the law allows you to reschedule your summons one time for any reason.