Tarrant County offers two options to answer your jury summons: report in person at the date and time listed on the summons or register online through eResponse.

If you chose to report to the Central Jury Room as summoned, your summons will be scanned upon arrival.  The jury bailiff will address the panel to verify that everyone is qualified to serve.  Once the exemptions and disqualifications are removed from the list, jurors will be processed and given a court assignment. The court assignment could be for the morning or afternoon of the summons date.  Or, some jurors may have to report back the next business day.

The online system, eResponse, requires that you register online at least two business days in advance.  Complete the online qualification questionnaire and confirm your status.  Generally, the instructions are emailed one-to-two days before your reporting date. You will need to check your emails daily.

Business and economic hardships must be addressed in the court.