Main Telephone Number: 817.884.3820

Name Position Phone
Paula Giaimo Morales Jury Bailiff 817-884-3821
Debbie Brown Assistant Jury Bailiff III 817-884-3822
Monica Andress Assistant Jury Bailiff II 817-884-3823
Hilary Alvarado
Assistant Jury Bailiff I 817-884-3828
Ryan Choate Assistant Jury Bailiff I 817-248-6245
Ryan Bodine
Assistant Jury Bailiff I
Morgan Powell Assistant Jury Bailiff I 817-884-3827


Direct all jury calls for lost summons or deferrals to the Assist Jury Bailiff I staff.
Please do not leave multiple messages on different numbers as it makes it more difficult to make contact in a timely manner.  
Generally, most calls received by 3:00pm can be returned the same business day.
You may also email questions, concerns, comments or correspondence to; remember to include your candidate number or date of birth.

Please include your juror number in all correspondence.