Writ of Reentry

If a landlord has locked a residential or commercial tenant out of leased premises in violation of the Texas Property Code Section 92.0081 and 92.009 (residential)) or Section 93.002 and 93.003 (commercial), the tenant may recover possession of the premises.

To determine venue for your case, refer to the Texas Property Code Section 92.009(b) if a residential tenancy, or Section 93.003(b) if a commercial tenancy.

To search the Justice Court Precinct for your case, please visit Tarrant County Comprehensive Address Information.

For information on the Texas Property Code, please visit Texas Constitution and Statutes.



1. Tenant's Sworn Complaint for Writ of Reentry (Residential and Commercial)



  • Fees
  • $54 filing fee plus $5 writ fee
  • If granted additional $150 Constable fee