Finding relief from chronic pain


What is chronic pain?
A simple scrape or bruise hurts. But the pain doesn’t last long. That’s called acute pain. When pain lasts past 3-6 months, it’s called chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be caused by many things. It can happen after car accidents, injuries from sports or work or because of other problems with your body – like diabetes or nerve damage.


50 million Americans live with chronic pain.


When the pain doesn’t stop, here’s where to start.

Tarrant County Public Health is here to help. Our six-week, two-hour workshop was created for people with chronic pain issues.

The goal is to teach you how to make your pain more manageable.  Small group sessions focus on many topics, including:

  • Dealing with frustration, weakness, pain and loneliness
  • Exercises that help you feel better longer
  • Medicine and using it the right way
  • How to tell family, friends and doctors what you feel
  • What to eat
  • Making good, healthy decisions
  • New treatment choices

Participants receive the book “Living a Healthy Life With Chronic Pain” along with an exercise CD called “Moving Easy.”




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Manage unmanagability