OSSF Installers

The searchable table below is provided only as a service and is not a complete list of all qualified installers. No endorsement of any individuals is given or implied. We recommend consumers take appropriate precautions.

For a complete list of licensed individuals in Texas or to verify their license is current, visit the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website

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Last Name First Name  Name of Business License # City Phone Number
Allen Preston Allen Construction OS 0004060 Burleson 817-798-1063
Barber Dennis Texas Aerobic Service OS 0027268 Burleson 817-727-1263
Barton Marshall Digitex Excavating LLC OS 0008160 Joshua 817-774-9070
Beach Brandon B2 Excavating OS 0033994 Alvarado 940-765-6448
Brickey Austin Element Systems OS 0028771 Newark 817-999-6208
Chandler Todd Chandler Excavating & Septic OS 0034650 Weatherford 817-613-6949
Cox James Aerosept OS 0008151 Granbury 817-991-5840
Cruse Ethan Cruse Environmental OS 0027546 Alvord 940-252-4227
Cruse Paul Cruse Environmental OS 0001736 Alvord 940-252-4227
Day Rick Day Septic OS 0008177 Cleburne 817-933-0657
Glover Michael Mike’s Septic Service OS 0030091 Mansfield 817-401-7394
Gourley Mackie Total Septic OS 0034361 Aubrey 214-364-4840
Graham Charlie Charlie’s Backhoe OS 0031090 Springtown 817-692-7259
Grote Buck Buck’s Septic OS 0033319 Grandview 682-201-5342
Holmes Tommy Jr. Holmes Construction OS 0025236 Weatherford 817-771-9518
Hukill Ryan Hukill's FTW, LLC OS 0038121 Benbrook 817-672-7555
Ingram William Ingram Septic OS 0019854 Cleburne 817-558-0843
Janek Blake Davenport Septic OS 0036861 Cleburne 817-487-0601
Johnson Chris North Texas Septic OS 0026869 Rhome 817-925-9633
Lackey Jackey Jackey Lackey Septic OS 0027917 Alvarado 817-645-7586
Lambert Dennis DNI Septic OS 0037972 Paradise 940-255-5735
Ledford Dennis Ledford Services OS 0021962 Aledo 817-596-9729
Lehrman Guy Badger Septic OS 0023267 Krum 940-482-9962
Mangrum Terry Curly’s Plumbing OS 0033427 Cleburne 817-558-1192
Massey Craig MSTS Services OS 0005694 Mineral Wells 817-594-2877
Mauney Justin   OS 0037705 Lake Worth 817-228-8121
McCaslin Ardie Circle M Services OS 0027919 Kennedale 817-516-8678
McWirter James Bleeker Wastewater Service OS 0037081 Joshua 817-781-4564
Miller Eric MillerProServices OS 0037304 Burleson 817-239-7348
Mitchell Chris Mitchell Services OS 0032936 Aledo 940-507-1986
Moreno Samuel Limitless Septic OS 0037062 Joshua 682-319-6009
Muñoz Sergio Sustainable Solutions OS 0036294 Springtown 817-729-6788
Myers John Myers Construction OS 0033370 Azle 817-915-5335
Myers Matthew Myers Septic OS 0008493 Springtown 817-304-4410
Phillips Frank Precon Precast OS 0004760 Azle 817-401-0588
Powell Frank FKP Enterprises OS 0027255 Copeville 214-957-8831
Rasor Charles Rasor Septic Services OS 0008276 Haslet 817-480-5521
Rivas James Royal Flush Septic OS 0032315 Allen 817-948-4500
Robinson Jeremy Rawhide Services OS 0007491 Grandview 817-614-3879
Russell Bryan Cleburne Septic OS 0030384 Cleburne 817-556-0911
Sager Jason S&A Backhoe Service OS 0008745 Weatherford 817-594-0549
Scarbro Danny Circle S Aerobic OS 0004616 Rio Vista 817-996-6031
Turner Shirley Turner Septic Solutions OS 0005587 Rhome 817-638-9053
ext. 303
Vann William Links Backhoe OS 0000773 Bridgeport 817-994-3958
Vaughan Derrick Derrick Vaughan Septic OS 0031092 Boyd 940-393-2544
Weyenberg Cleve Jr. Tex Tech Environmental OS 0001784 Burleson 817-295-3701
White Jeff Grace Septic Services OS 0024606 Paradise 817-995-8831
Womack Austin   OS 0037762 Azle 817-888-0860
Wyse Ira Wyse Services OS 0003737 Argyle 940-390-2508
Youngblood Randy Youngblood Precast OS 0000596 Burleson 817-447-1793