Boswell Dairies milk delivery truck, undated 

Pictured: Boswell Dairies milk delivery truck, undated

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Summary: One of 11 children, V.W. Boswell was born on July 4, 1901, to Margie Bell and W.E. Boswell, Sr. in their home behind the family-owned grocery store on Fort Worth's North Side. Edith Boswell, born Edith Porter Funkhouser, was born on October 2, 1906. She and Mr. Boswell met in 1926 and were married on Christmas Day 1929.

W.E. Boswell, Sr. and V.W. Boswell, along with a second son, Lorin, started Boswell Dairies in 1924. They ran the business until 1958, when they merged with a national chain, Beatrice Foods. Mrs. Boswell, aside from being the wife of a prominent local business man, is a graduate of Texas Christian University and was an avid fan of the written word. Her main area of interest was poetry.

Apart from running Boswell Dairies and reading countless writings, Mr. and Mrs. Boswell were also involved many other ventures, such as boards, like the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, where Mr. Boswell played a role in the establishment of DFW Airport. They were also heavily involved in local philanthropic ventures such as, Cook's Children's Hospital, Heritage Hall, and Guiding Eyes for the blind, as well as, social organizations like the Fort Worth Club, the Frog Club, and the Backstage Club.

The Boswells are now deceased. Mr. Boswell died on August 21, 1998, and Mrs. Boswell died on May 31, 1996. The Edith and V.W. Boswell Collection was donated to the Tarrant County Archives in April of 2013 by the Great-Great-Granddaughter of W.E. Boswell, Lisa Diffley, in the name of her Mother Vivienne Boswell Williams and her Grandfather, V.W. Boswell.

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Airport Files (Chamber of Commerce)

  • Financial Report, undated, 1954-1956, 1959-1967
  • Airport Service Requests, undated, 1954-1956, 1959-1967
  • New Officer Listings, undated, 1954-1956, 1959-1967
  • Meeting Minutes, undated, 1954-1956, 1959-1967
Boswell Dairies Files
  • Correspondence, 1963-1978
  • Magazine and Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1949-1983
  • Boswell Development Company communications and correspondence, undated, 1948-1966
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Cards, undated
  • Correspondence, 1949-1971
  • Membership Rosters, 1955-1991
  • Newsletters, 1949-1975
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1949-1958
  • Official Minutes of the Fort Worth Chamber Commerce Meetings, 1961-1971
  • Publications, 1949-1968
Investment Files
  • Beatrice Foods Co. - Correspondence, undated, 1956-1987
  • H.H. Robertson Co. - Financial Reports, 1974
  • Interfirst Bank of Fort Worth - Correspondence and Receipts, 1980-1987
  • National Airlines - Financial Reports, 1976
  • Northwest Energy Co. - Correspondence, 1979-1984
  • REXNORECO, Inc. - Financial Reports, 1980
  • Columbia Investment Corportation - Correspondence and Newspaper Article, 1958-1969
  • ConAgra - Corrsepondence, 1988-1989
  • Dixilyn Corporation - Communications, 1971-1976
  • Eastern Airlines - Financial Reports, 1969-1973
  • First National Bank - Correspondence, 1956-1965
  • Justin Industries - Correspondence, 1980-1992
  • Lone Star Cement Corp. - Correspondence, 1957-1972
  • Missouri-Pacific Railroad - Correspondence, 1981
V.W. Boswell Files
  • Awards, Communication, and
  • Financial and Legal Documents, undated, 1931-1986
  • Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1947-1989
  • Publications, undated, 1914-1988
  • Reports, 1947-1950
  • Travel Maps, pre-1976