Allen Cathey Collection

1212 Delores Street, shotgun house, 1984 

Pictured: 1212 Delores Street, 1984

Summary: A series of photographs taken by donor of "shotgun" houses taken on Delores (spelled Dolores on some old maps) Street, South side. They lined the block and are thought to have been built from 1900-1920. Most "shotgun" houses are one room wide and have only a couple of rooms. They were usually lived in by African Americans in the South.  All photographs in this collection are color photos, five by three inches. They were taken on July 2, 1984. Neighborhood is northeast of downtown Fort Worth, south of Cold Springs Road and slightly north of Pioneer Rest Cemetery.
  • 1218 Delores Street, with fire hydrant in front, couch on porch; by N. Hampton
  • 1216 Delores Street, with gas barrel in front yard, table in driveway
  • 1214 Delores Street, with bed springs leaning on porch
  • 1212 Delores Street, with car in driveway (image shown)
  • 1210 Delores Street, with car in driveway and large tree
  • 1208 Delores Street, Air conditioning unit in front window
  • 1208 Delores Street, Looking towards railroad tracks, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe
  • 1208 Delores Street, Looking at (left to right) 1212, 1210, and 1208 Delores houses
  • 1208 Delores Street, From N. Hampton, looking at (left to right) 1218, 1216, 1214 Delores
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