Cynthia Ann McPeak Cox Collection

Summary: Cynthia Ann McPeak Cox donated items from from estate of John Sappington, Sr.
  • Thirty-two issues of "The Genealogical Society Bulletin" (newsletter) and Footprints (a quarterly), both published by the Fort Worth Genealogical Society, including place index and miscellaneous society generated correspondence, 1968-1979
  • Various receipts, cancelled (and blank) checks, checks stubs, etc., 1928-1931.
  • Various genealogical/historical book catalogues, n.d.
  • Flyers for school board and city council elections, Lake Worth, n.d. (ca. 1967).
  • Four blank hospital birth certificates from Lake Worth Osteopath Hospital, Fort Worth, and two power of attorney-motor vehicle forms (all printed by Sappington Printing Company), n.d.
  • Advertising pamphlets for Guarantee Fund Life Association (Omaha), Haverkorn Planning Mill (Fort Worth), Meacham Field (Fort Worth), and Mount Olivet (Fort Worth), n.d.
  • One copy of "The Advisor," Seventh Annual Edition, Fort Worth Emergency Corps, published by the corps, 1964
  • One issue of the Fort Worth Press, January 26, 1960
  • Two issues of Fort Worth, an official publication of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, October 1967 and November 1967
  • One copy of Who's Who in the South and Southwest, Volume One, Chicago:  Larkin, Roosevelt and Larkin, Ltd., 1947.  Limited Edition which belonged to Edna Browning K. Gladney (and has her name printed on the front cover, lower right hand side)
  • One set of specifications for labor and materials for store building built for Mr. and Mrs. John Sappington by C.H. Leinbach, Architects, Central Bank Building, Dallas, Texas
  • Booklet:  Compiled Traffic Ordinances, City of Fort Worth.  Arranged and compiled December, 1937, by Wm. H. Gilmartin, Assistant City Attorney
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