Louis and Shirley Daniel Collection

Majestic Theater, circa 1964

Pictured: Majestic Theater exterior and marquee, circa 1964

Summary: Donor gave material on the Majestic Theater related to the mid-1960s before its demolition. Donor's wife, Shirley, acted in productions showcased at the theater. Donor also gave prints of his artwork series called "Christmas in Texas."

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Art Prints

  • Christmas in Texas art prints, 2001-2015
    • Log Cabin Village
    • Van Zandt Cottage
    • Presidio La Bohia, Goliad
    • Tarrant County 1860 Courthouse
    • Fulton Mansion/Rockport
    • Bishop's Place, Galveston
    • Port Bolivar
    • State Capitol, Austin
    • The Alamo, San Antonio
    • Tractor under tree on farm

Majestic Theater

  • Photographs of Majestic Theater interior and exterior taken by donor prior to demolition, includes proscenium boxes and fresco
  • Photographs of drapery and wooden medallion fixture once used in the box seating and front apron of the Majestic Theater repectively, now in donor's home
  • Theater Program from production of "Bus Stop" starring Shirley Daniel (donor's wife) as Cherie, 1957
  • Copies of photographs of Shirley Daniel circa the time of the production "Bus Stop," 1957

Worth Theater

  • Reproduction image of Tiffany light fixture that had hung in Worth Theater, 310 W. 7th Street, Fort Worth, now in home of donor, undated

Cultural District

  • Marketing Booklet: "Fort Worth's Will Rogers Memorial Center:  A Great Place for Things to Happen." Brochure designed by donor, circa 1966

Advertising Club of Fort Worth

  • 50th Anniversary Publication: "The Advertising Club of Fort Worth, adding up to 50," 1959