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Evans Press 1905


Summary: Material relating to Marvin D. Evans and his various printing companies in Fort Worth, beginning with Paxton and Evans Printers in 1905, then Marvin D. Evans Company, and Evans Press ending in 1982. Donor is the grandson of Marvin D. Evans and the son of A. O. Evans. The collection includes photographs, news clippings, publications and memorabilia concerning the family and the printing business from 1905 to 1982. Marvin D. Evans served on the Fort Worth City Council, was a member of Rotary Club and Texas Wesleyan University Board. See also Jan Evans Miller Collection.

Jim Evans Collection:

  1. Inventory of Donation from Jan Evans Miller and James Allen Evans - includes many notations explaining provenance and the relationship to company or individuals
  2. Fort Worth Baseball Club "Cats" pass, "Official Season 1926" Printed card with resting panther image, hand written "Judge Mercer and Lady," number 13 stamped in red; approved by W.K. Stripling, President - print on back: "This pass is absolutely non-transferable..."
  3. Glass for lantern slide: "The United States Government presents M. D. Evans / The Committee on Public Information / Excelsior Illustrating Co."
  4. Program: Honoring Marvin D. Evans, Texas Wesleyan College, October 27, 1955; Contains photo of Evans
  5. Publication: Reference Book on Printing, published by Paxton and Evans, Printers, 1213-15 Throckmorton Street, n.d.; 71 pages
  6. Publication: "Panther Trails Key and Guide to Fort Worth, Streets and Places of Importance Price .75 Marvin D. Evans Co. Publishers 1213-1215 Throckmorton Street Fort Worth" printed on cover; copyright 1930; 127 pages
  7. Publication: "Fort Worth" October 1948. Official Publication of the Chamber of Commerce
  8. Publication: "Silver Anniversary, Fort Worth Rotary, 1913-1938" roster and historical sketch booklet, with Marvin D. Evans signature on inside front page
  9. Publication: Last issue of Rota graph printed by Evans Press; Marvin D. Evans Company had printed the newsletter since 1923 
  10. Photograph: "Printers and Newspaper Men at Lake Erie" black and white, written on back in blue ink: Some Fort Worth and Dallas Printers and Newspapermen at Lake Erie in Handley, Texas, Summer 1904, Marvin Evans at left with hand on tree
  11. Photograph: Texas Centennial 1936, black and white, men standing in front of entrance to "Where the West Begins". L-R, unknown, unknown, unknown, Billy Rose in jungle hat, Van Zandt Jarvis in tall Western hat, Marvin Evans
  12. Photograph: Marvin D. Evans, Mayor ProTem of Fort Worth, 1939
  13. Photograph: T. J. Harrell, former mayor, presenting barbells to Evans that have inscribed on ends: Fort Worth Pessimists' Club and Most Useless Citizen
  14. Photograph: Rotary Club meeting at 1213-1215 Throckmorton Street plant of Marvin D. Evans Co., 1931. Marvin D. Evans standing at far right, black and white "Jernigan Photo Service, Fort Worth, Texas"
  15. Photograph: Rotary Club of Fort Worth Board of Directors, 1931. L-R: R. O. Dulaney, Fritz Keller, Marvin Evans, unknown, T. J. Harrell, secretary, Lewis Fox, unknown, unknown, Elmer Renfro. Headquarters in Texas Hotel, rooms 333-335; black and white, "Jernigan Photo Service, Fort Worth, Texas"
  16. Photograph: Marvin D. Evans Company building, 1215 Throckmorton Street, 8 x 10 inch black and white with outline save out, 1937. Note from donor: "12th St. was Hwy. 81, Fort Worth Linotyping Co. was in rear of building"
  17. Photograph: Marvin D. Evans Co. composing room and press room, 1937 - black and white - Note on back says building built in 1917
  18. Photograph: Bindery at Marvin D. Evans Co. November 1942. Operator of folding machine is Louie Bowles; black and white - W. D. Smith stamp on back
  19. Photograph: Fire at Marvin D. Evans, 2nd floor, April 1940; black and white - Bill Wood Photograph. Note on back states fire was a total loss
  20. Photograph: Moving equipment from interior of Marvin D. Evans Co. for relocation to 265 Texas Street, 1947; black and white
  21. Photograph: Moving equipment on truck outside 1215 Throckmorton for relocation, 1947; black and white
  22. Photograph: Moving equipment from 1215 Throckmorton - Building shown on right is Kemble Furniture Co. 1301 Houston; black and white
  23. Photograph: 265 Texas Street building, 1947. Outline save out. St. Ignatius Academy shown on far left; Ft. Worth Linotyping Co. at rear on Monroe Street
  24. News clippings: "Principals at Golden Deeds Banquet" April 6, 1939; "Marvin Evans retires from Banking Post" September 20, 1949; "Printer's Ink Snared Prospective Preacher, but Church was not Loser" August 15, 1953; Labor News Commendation upon retirement of Eddie Hartman April 18, 1957; "Here are Men Whom Realists Champion for Seats on Council" Fort Worth Press, July 14, 1938. News clippings: "Marvin Evans at Bowie" November 3, 1946; "Downtown Parking" Fort Worth, December, 1947.; "Marvin Evans another `Bowie Boy' Who made it Good in Ft. Worth"  West Texas Today  September, 1943 ; "Full War-Time Production" ad for Marvin D. Evans Co. in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 27, 1942.; "Printing Firm Plans Construction of Plant" Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 27, 1967; "'Evans Press' in New Plant" Fort Worth Press, August 25, 1968. "Rota graph" May 23, 1958; Marvin Evans named Honorary Member of Fort Worth Rotary, after being member since October 14, 1913; "Rota graph" May 26, 1967
  25. Letter: Copy of correspondence from Marvin D. Evans on Marvin D. Evans Company 1215 Throckmorton letterhead to former partner, Carl C. Paxton, concerning note carried by Paxton
  26. Blotter: "You've Gotta TELL'EM  If you Wanta SELL'EM" 1937
  27. Advertising booklet: "The Candid Camera Peeks through the Keyhole ." for Marvin D. Evans Company printing division, advertising agency division, and advertising specialty division 8 pages, 1937. The advertising division formed in 1934 as a division of Marvin D. Evans Company; in 1944, it was incorporated as a separate corporation. Evans sold his stock in the company in 1950, and the agency became Thomas L. Yates Advertising Agency, later became Ottman Advertising
  28. "We've Moved!" advertising mail out, 4 pages, 1947
  29. Booklet: "Our Fiftieth Year", 1955, 20 pages
  30. Photograph series, 1952: black and white
     a. A. O. Evans and Marvin D. Evans at desk, son is 41, father is 73
     b. Nolan Isbell and Leonard Scott of Advertising Specialties Division
     c. Advertising Specialties Division
     d. Ned Leach, Plant Superintendant, at desk
     e. Sheridan Automatic Saddle Binder
     f. Milton Horne, Monte Needham, Ed Hartman, Jr. at letter presses
     g. Pressroom, Miehle Cylinder Letterpress
     h. Pressroom, vertical and cylinder letterpresses
     i. Pressroom
  31. Photograph series, 1954: black and white
     a. "Dedication" plaque at Marvin D. Evans Co., Oct. 1, 1947
     b. Sheridan Automatic Saddle Binder, with woman standing next to it
     c. Harris Litho Press, with Eddie Cone reading copy
     d. Lenora Royster, Howard Champlin, and Opal Rozina,  allocations and orders
     e. Miehle vertical letter presses
     f. At drafting table: R. E. Faudry, salesman; Sal Nasch, artist; Martin Tucker, plant supervisor; C. R. Drake, salesman. Donor notes: Faudry worked for company for more than fifty years
     g. Milton Horne, pressroom foreman and Martin Tucker, plant supervisor
     h. Wayne Collins, shipping department, labeling Texas Outlook for mailing 
     i. Elfreda Edwards, Tye Callaway, Jr., and Norman Eyrick
     j. Composing room and pressroom, daytime with staff
     k. Composing room and pressroom, at night, empty of staff
     l. Sheridan Saddle Binding Machine, Mirtie Justice, Louie Bowles, and unknown
     m. Milton Horne, pressroom foreman
  32. Photograph series, 1959: black and white, from W D Smith Photographer
     a. Harry Cure, pressroom foreman, at Miehle Cylinder Letterpress.
     b. Tye Callaway, Jr., plant superintendent.
     c. Paul Evans, bindery foreman at Seybold Cutting Machine
     d. Monte Needham, litho pressroom foreman, at Mann Litho Press.
     e. Tye Callaway, Sr., composing room foreman
  33. Photograph series, 1963: On occasion of changing sign at Texas and Monroe, six photographs, black and white, all by W D Smith Photographer
     a. A. O. Evans pointing to old sign, Jim Evans and Les Miller
     b. A. O. Evans, Jim Evans and Les Miller
     c. Crane placing new sign with old sign on street - Jim Evans, Les Miller, and A. O. Evans
     d. New Miehle 38" 1-color litho press. Les Miller, Tommy Gore, and George Witherspoon
     e. Miehle 25 x 38 1-c Litho Press, George Witherspoon and Tommy Gore
     f. Forrest Foster, sales manager; Harry Bury, artist; George Witherspoon, press-man
  34. Texas Outlook, October 1963, Convention Issue; Texas State Teachers Association 85th convention, Fort Worth
  35. "Fifty years with The Texas Outlook", May 1967. History of publication, Paxton and Evans, and Marvin D. Evans Co., and Evans Press printed the Magazine from 1917 to 1982
  36. Photograph series -- Texas Outlook - 1967; 7 photographs, black and white, by W. D. Smith, photographer
     a. Harriett Griffin, president of Texas State Teachers Association and A. O. Evans holding 50th anniversary issue of Texas Outlook
     b. Harriett Griffin and A. O. Evans
     c. Harriett Griffin and A. O. Evans holding issue in front  of Miehle Litho Press
     d. Tye Callaway, Sr. composing room foreman, with Dec. 1966 issue
     e. Tye Callaway, Sr. holding ruler.
     f. Tye Callaway, Jr., plant superintendent
     g. Harriett Griffin and A. O. Evans holding new issue of Texas Outlook
  37. Photograph series -- Marvin D. Evans Printers, 1967, by Bob Wharton
     a. Paper stock on skids, Rupert Garcia, folding machine operator
     b. Jim Evans inspecting color transparencies
     c. Saddle stitching machine
     d. Saddle stitching operation
     e. Saddle stitching operation
     f. Les Miller and Frank Sherrill, salesmen, inspecting double-stacked skids of paper
     g. Miehle, 38-inch, one-color litho press, Tommy Gore, pressman and Dossie Graves, assistant pressman
     h. Frank Sherrill and Les Miller, salesmen, inspecting printed sheets
     i. Sheridan automatic saddle binder, "Family Record Club", a publication of Word Records, Waco, Texas
     k. Roy Brooks, pressman, at 29-inch Miehle one-color litho press
     l. Larry Browder, cameraman, adjusting copy for American Quarter Horse Stud Registry on 24-inch camera. Donor note: MD Evans Co., and Evans Press printed all but the first edition for AQHA beginning in 1946
     m. May Jo Phillips positions color negative for a school annual
     n. Paul Gudat, pre-press foreman, prepares to burn a litho plate
     o. Bindery in new building
     p. Delivery of finished magazine from Sheridan automatic saddle binder
     q. Sheet feeder on litho press
     r. Labeling, sorting, and tying Texas Outlook for mailing. Herman Ford in background
     s. Ralph Hale at Lawson programmable paper cutter, in new building
     t. Ralph Hale operating programmable paper cutter
     u. Larry Browder in darkroom in new building
     v. Larry Browder, cameraman, adjusting light on camera
     w. Tommy Gore, pressman, checking register of AQHA on light table
     x. Cheshire Labeling Machine.
     y. Jim Evans looking at color transparency through magnifying glass
  38. Photograph: A. O. Evans, Jim Evans, Les Miller, and Glenn Roberts, Great Southwest Corporation salesman, signing contract
  39. Photograph: Glenn Roberts, A. O. Evans, Les Miller, and Jim Evans on occasion of signing contract for land in Mark IV Industrial Park. Donor's note: The company move was
    precipitated by City purchase of Texas and Monroe site under eminent domain for newly planned Fort Worth City Hall parking lot
  40. Photograph: A. O. Evans with Jim Evans in front of photo of Marvin D. Evans
  41. Color rendering of architect's plan for 5133 Northeast Parkway
  42. Black and white rendering with press release on back
  43. Photograph series: Marvin D. Evans Co. -- Mark IV Groundbreaking, black and white, W. D. Smith Commercial Photographer; images include Jan Evans Miller, Les Miller, Julie Miller, and Evans Miller, A. O. Evans, Lewis Bond, Mayor DeWitt McKinley, Tarrant County Judge Howard Green, Bill Kneer, architect for building, C. R. Drake, 
    Forest Foster, Jim Evans, Ernie Lormer at podium, Charlie Hillard
  44. Marvin D. Evans Co. - Mark IV Construction; eight black and white photographs, all by Minox, except one noted
     a. aerial view of building with walls up, roofing support in; W. D. Smith photo
     b. tilt slabs being lifted for walls
     c. periphery panel being placed
     d. tilt panel lifted into place
     e. panel being placed, crane shown
     f. periphery panel being placed, other walls behind
     g. office slab reinforcement
     h. office slab being poured, pickup truck in foreground
  45. Marvin D. Evans Company becomes Evans Press - publications
     a. "Evans Press Proof", advertising booklet, 8 pages, 1968
     b. "Your Publication" advertising booklet, 20 pages, 1968
  46. Evans Press -- Photographs; 12 black and white, all by Don Barnett Photography
     a. Jim Evans, Les Miller, A. O. Evans standing in front of new sign, 1968
     b. Les Miller, A. O. Evans, and Jim Evans holding "S"
     c. A. O. Evans, Jim Evans, and Les Miller
     d. New building, bare landscaping
     e. New building, at night, entrance and sign, from right
     f. New building, at night, from left
     g. Composite sheet showing Elfreda Edwards and Les Miller
     h. Composite sheet showing A. O. Evans, Les Miller, Tye Calloway, Jim Evans, Frank Sherrill 
     i. Jim Evans, A. O. Evans, and Les Miller in press room
     j. Les Miller and Frank Sherrill in conference room
     k. Baum Folding Machine
     l. Baum Folding Machine
  47. Marvin D. Evans Co. -- Advertising booklet
     "Type Faces, Borders, Ornaments, Ink Colors", 44 pages, spiral binding, 1937
  48. Marvin D. Evans -- In Memoriam (1878-1959) Printing Industry Association of Fort Worth to Mrs. Marvin D. Evans and Family leather-bound resolution adopted March 24, 1959
  49. Marvin D. Evans -- memorial - 1959. To A. O. Evans, his son, from the Employees of The Marvin D. Evans Company, 1959. Leather-bound
  50. Memorabilia -- Advertising objects
     a. ruler "Paxton and Evans" 1209 Throckmorton
     b. pencil, automatic, green and blue, "Marvin D. Evans Co., Printers Lithographers"
     c. letter opener, knife combination, pearlized handle, "Marvin D. Evans Co."


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