Franklin County Historical Commission Collection

Texas Christian University Football Team, 1959

Pictured: Texas Christian University Football Team, 1959

Summary: B.F. Hicks, Chair of the Franklin County Historical Commission in Mount Vernon, Texas, donated the following items related to Tarrant County history. The items were originally housed in a blue three-ring binder on black scrapbook paper and removed for preservation purposes.

Bank Documents

  • Five checks from the American National Bank of Fort Worth, signed by Paul Waples, 1916
  • Blank check from Continental National Bank of Fort Worth, undated
  • Account book from The Farmers Deposit Bank, Richwood, Ohio, belonging to Mildred L. Peiter, 1924

Government Documents

  • Corporation Deed with Vendor's Lein, Freehold Property Co. to deed James E. Scott, et al, 19316 Lake View, 1911
  • Proceedings in Probate Court, Shawnee County, Kansas, regarding the estate of Ella T. Green, 1909
  • Letter from E.W. Clark of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works to C.A. Sublett of Mansfield, Texas, March 22, 1934
  • Texas Driving Handbook: A Summary of Road Rules for Safe Driving, Texas Department of Public Safety, undated

Insurance and Tax Documents

  • Automobile Insurance from United States "Lloyds" for a 1916 Chevrolet Roadster belonging to Paul Waples, 1916
  • Instructions for Form 1040, United States Individual Income and Victory Tax Return, 1943-1944
  • City of Fort Worth Tax Receipts for A.E. Amos, 1924-1931

Newspaper Clippings

  • "How Time and Progress Have Changed One Business Spot in Fort Worth," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 14, 1940
  • "Old Clay Johnson Home (Ghosts and All) Will Get Historical Marker Sunday," Franklin Perkins, Fort Worth News-Tribune, March 16, 1984
  • Obituary for Mary Elizabeth Amos, 2001


  • Four unidentified people at The Rocket Club, Fort Worth, Texas, undated
  • Texas Christian University Football Team, eight by ten inches, black and white, 1959
  • Texas Christian University Football Team, eight by ten inches, black and white, 1962
  • Texas Christian University Football Team, eight by ten inches, black and white, 1965
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