Juliet Ada George (Smith)

Summary: Donor brought in her family photographs and scrapbooks and allowed digital copies to be made of them. Photographs relate to the Estill Family of Grapevine and the George Family. Scrapbooks and photographs from maternal side belonged to donor's mother, Josephine Rebekah Estill. Photographs from paternal side were given to the donor by her uncle.

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Pictured at right: Tin type of young girl (likely either Weechie Yates Estill or Ada Beachamp Chambers), undated

Tin type of either Weechie Yates Estill or Ada Beachamp Chambers

Digital Images

  • Digital images from Josephine Rebekah Estill's (JRE) baby book, 1914-1918
    • cover of baby book
    • JRE as baby held by her father, taken October 17, 1914 on "Daddy's 33rd birthday"
    • Three photographs of JRE as a baby at home in Grapevine, eight months old, March 1915
    • Three photographs of "the little house where she was born," "the daily sun bath, winter 1914-15," and JRE on the porch with a bonnet on and holding a metal bucket
    • Five photographs of "Summer 1915" showing JRE as a baby; pictured with her "pappy" and "granny" in two of the pictures
    • Two photographs showing JRE as a baby, dated March 1915 and August 1915
    • Two photographs of JRE as a baby, one dated August 1915, the other labeled "Earl Yates and Rebekah"
    • Two photographs of JRE as a baby and one photograph of "Booboat" Massey; dated January 1916; note says "Fulton, KY, Spending Xmas with Maudie and Jim"
    • Four photographs of various scenes: the first shows the Farrington's house, the second shows JRE in the driveway with a toy, the third shows a woman, small boy, and JRE (the writing next to it says "Cal, Earl Jr., pug"), the fourth shows two children sitting on a lawn and the child on the right is holding a dog
    • Portrait of JRE at Galveston, July 1916
    • Photograph of JRE sitting on porch in a bonnet holding a metal bucket
    • Postcard photograph of JRE at three years old
    • "Aunt Mollie Hamilton and Doraethea"
    • Oval portrait of JRE as a baby
    • Group picture of unidentified men, women, and children posed in front of a car with a house behind them
    • Five photographs of JRE as a toddler
    • JRE on a donkey, labeled "Mineral Wells, Texas, 1916"
    • JRE in "Colorado Springs at head of Seven Falls, July 1917"
    • The University of Texas Baby Health Certificate for JRE, October 1916
    • JRE on a swing in the backyard of her house with her father to her right, July 1917
    • JRE as a small child with straight-cut bangs haircut
    • Young boy in a uniform
    • Two children standing near street with caps on (child on left is likely JRE)
    • Three children playing in the backyard at JRE's house in Grapevine; child on right is unidentified neighbor, child on left is Mary Virginia Wall (married name is Simmons)
    • JRE on a tricycle in backyard of house in Grapevine
    • Postcard portrait of three children, two boys and one girl
    • Portrait of JRE at Galveston, taken August 1918
  • Digital Images of Estill and George Families
    • Ada Beauchamp Chambers Estill, undated
    • Adalaide Araminta Taylor Paschal (great-great-grandmother of Juliet Ada George), undated
    • Family portrait of Lloyd George (father), Nola Belle George (daughter), Lota George (mother), and Gene George (son); Lloyd is Woodrow Wilson George's uncle.
    • Copy print of Jeanette Francine Elizabeth Roberts George (wife of Albert Clayton George)
    • J. O. George as a boy (brother of Woodrow Wilson George), ca. 1908
    • John Staples Estill Sr. and Ada Beachamp Chambers Estill on back porch at first home in Grapevine, ca. 1908-1914
    • John Staples Estill Sr. and Ada Beachamp Chambers Estill and daughter Josephine Rebekah Estill (JRE) in Colorado in front of waterfall (on back: "In Colorado when 'Beka was three")
    • Portrait of John Staples Estill Sr., ca. 1910s
    • Josephine Rebekah Estill (JRE) as a child (standing outside in dress)
    • JRE and Zena Keeling on a donkey or mule as young children
    • JRE in yard at home in Grapevine, ca. 1915 (holding stuffed animal)
    • JRE in yard at home in Grapevine, ca. 1915 (standing with boy who is partially out of frame)
    • JRE at Meacham Field with friend Virginia (standing on tire of airplane), ca. 1940s
    • JRE in yard at home in Grapevine, ca. 1915 (with JRE on tricycle, to her right is Mary Virginia Wall (Simmons) and to her left is unknown neighbor)
    • Colorado vacation – in front (l-r) John Staples Estill Sr, Zena Keeling, and JRE, behind them (l-r) W. E. Keeling, possibly his wife Grady Keeling, and possibly Juliet’s grandmother in the hat, ca. 1917
    • Mary Jo Wiegers (married name Stump) and mother Fannie Lipscomb Wiegers, in small folder from studio of F. W. Voorhees of Dallas, undated
    • Tin type of either Weechie Yates Estill or Ada Beachamp Chambers Estill as small child, undated
    • Virginia (friend of JRE) at Meacham Field, ca. 1940s
    • Woodrow Wilson George (WWG), age three (father of donor)
    • WWG as a baby (laying on stomach on rug on porch), ca. 1913
    • WWG as a baby (laying on stomach on rug on porch), ca. 1913 (more worn image/darker and crease down middle)
    • WWG (in tuxedo with thin mustache), ca. early 1940s
    • WWG (in suit with US Navy cap with thin mustache), ca. 1942
    • WWG (in suit with US Navy cap without mustache), ca. 1942 (on back: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Woodrow W. George, 2408 Pearl Ave., Fort Worth, Texas
    • Studio photograph of World War I soldier, Willett L. Daves, stationed at Camp Bowie (postcard). Photo taken October 25, 1917. Enlisted August 10, 1917 at Galesburg, Illinois (not related to donor's family)
  • Digital images taken from brown scrapbook related to the Estill Family of Grapevine and Fort Worth. Photographs are of Ada Beauchamp Chambers, James Calloway Estill, Joe Estill, John Staples Estill Sr., John Staples Estill Jr., John Staples Estill III, Josephine Rebekah Estill (Beka), Juliet Ada George, Kathleen Penn Russell, Marie Jackson, Mat Lilie Estill Terrill, Sally Finlayson, and Tiffany Lynn Estill.
  • Scrapbook containing 162 black and white snapshots and a few postcards of JRE and family at their home and on travels to Mount Gayler in the Ozarks; Prade Guest Ranch near Leakey, Texas; Douglas, Arizona; the San Jacinto Monument; and beach scenes (possibly Galveston, TX and/or California).

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