Cecelia Gilbreath Collection

Fort Worth Fire Department 1971

Summary: Donor is a regular Archives volunteer who grew up in Fort Worth. Her husband, Roy D. Gilbreath, served in the Fort Worth Fire Department from 1955 to 1988.



  • Horse tether, iron, with note:  "This unusual piece of iron is purported to be a horse tether. A rider, if unable to tether his horse to a rail or tree could tie the reins around the bar and drop the piece of iron on the ground thus tethering his horse."
  • Letter from Caroline Miles to her brother and sister, dated August 6, 1859

Fort Worth Fire Department

  • Fort Worth Fire Department Photo Album 1971, copy (Cover Image Shown)
Jacksboro Highway Clubs "Thunder Road"
  • newspaper clippings on various clubs located on Jacksboro Highway, including The 50/50 Club, Massey's Club, and The Four Deuces
  • Obituary for A. L. Armstrong, Fort Worth Police Detective

Eula Johnson Lloyd Scrapbook (digital scan)

  • Contains photographs from World War I, the Fort Worth Masonic Home, and Lloyd's family


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