Eleanor Francis Green Collection

Summary: Forty original photographs - all portraits - were given by donor, who states she obtained them from her grandmother, Eleanor Judson Ferris (Mrs. Charles Hermon Francis). The grandmother was raised in Fort Worth, where her father, Gideon L. Ferris (1853-1898), owned a drug store. Donor also gave news clippings and photocopied albums. Dates are given when written on reverse. Archives volunteer Peggy Hendon conducted genealogical research and provided additional details.

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  • Lulu Helen Maurice, age 15, to Mrs. C.N. Francis (image shown; Girl in Civil War Cap); (1883-1968)
  • Sprinkle Family
    • Vashti Elizabeth Sprinkle (Mrs. Sprinkle)
    • Clara Sprinkle (daughter of Vashti Elizabeth Sprinkle)
    • Roy Sprinkle (son of Vashti Elizabeth Sprinkle)
  • Benn Wilson-Hugh Bass
  • Ron Wilson
  • Mulkey Family
    • Karl Mulkey (two images) (1877-1946)
    • Alabeth Mulkey (1900-1974)
    • John Mulkey
    • Etta Mulkey
  • Emma Norten (1907)
  • ____ Little (1905)
  • Dora Blair (1877-1955)
  • Edith Caston
  • Ira D. Sankey
  • Beall Family
    • Augustus F. "Gus" Beall (1876-1941)
    • Robert Beall (b. 1878)
    • Irene Beall's baby
  • Daisy Cox (maiden name Daisy Maxine Miles) (1887-1935)
  • Ella McMurry and John McMurry
  • Lottie Conroe
  • Bessie Bass
  • Mrs. Deyo and Budie Deyo
  • Bowers Family
    • Bob Bowers
    • Mrs. Rena Bowers
    • Bab Bowers
  • Harriet W. "Hattie" Standley (b. 1888)
  • Frank Loving (1881-1940)
  • Frank League
  • Elise Haggart
  • Sankery Phil__
  • Lettie Kinkaid
  • Will _____
  • Jennie Cramer (born 1861; died August 1881) (image shown)
Jennie Cramer and unidentified girl in Civil War style cap
Pictured: Left: Jennie Cramer Tintype; Right: Girl in Civil War style cap
Copied materials
  • One news clipping regarding the S. H. Mulkey family
  • Two photocopied albums of Fort Worth