Series I: Performing Arts, 1888-1969

This series includes programs, advertisements, newspaper clippings, magazines and correspondence relating to the performing arts.  Of note are programs from performances by Fred and Adele Astaire, Will Rogers, Harry Houdini, The Marx Brothers and the Keatons.  Included in this series are materials from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States.  Most materials relate to Fort Worth theaters: Greenwall’s Opera House, Byers’ Opera House and the Majestic Theatre comprise a large portion of this series.  Circus materials such as programs and route books are included as well.

Series II: Entertainment, 1893-1967

This series includes programs, clippings, magazines and booklets relating to various entertainment areas such as baseball, the World’s Fair, wrestling and ice skating.  Of note are an 1894 program from the Texas Cotton Palace, and materials from the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 (World’s Columbian Exposition) and 1933.

Series III: Travel, 1893-1969

This series includes maps, brochures and time tables for railways and ships across the United States.  The time tables for various railways are arranged in alphabetical order. 

Series IV: Assorted Materials, 1888-1969

This series includes various booklets, clippings and ephemera.  Of note is a Hotel Texas souvenir program from 1921.

Series V: Photographs, 1888-1950

This series consists of various photographs of traveling circuses, Fort Worth baseball, the 1922 Flood in Fort Worth, theater images and photographs of Fort Worth firefighters and police officers. There are additional photographs included that are not from within Tarrant County. Additional panoramic photographs are included in the Oversized Materials series. View Kathryn Halbower Johns image gallery of photographs.

Series VI: Scrapbooks, 1886-1968

This series includes 29 scrapbooks made up of clippings, photographs, programs, advertisements and correspondence mostly relating to performing arts, as well as various other subjects.  Some smaller scrapbooks may be found in the Performing Arts series, as well as those that have been disbound due to preservation issues.  Most scrapbooks were labeled, but some were assigned titles based on their contents.  Some scrapbooks have also been scanned and made available online.

Series VII: Books, 1925-1926

This series includes two books for the National Vaudeville Artists Benefit Fund.  Smaller books may be found within the Performing Arts series.

Series VIII: Oversized Materials, 1888-1969

This series includes blueprints for stage productions, posters, magazines, maps, programs, photographs, prints and clippings. This series also contains panoramic photographs.