Gerald Hartman Jr. Collection

Summary: Gerald Hartman donated photographs of demolition in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as newsletters and bank reports over the years. Hartman was a long-time member of the trust and real estate departments of the banks listed. Images shown are the implosion of the Westbrook Hotel in 1978 and the Worth Hotel.

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  • Twenty-nine photographs 3 1/2 by 5 inches, demolition of Medical Arts Building
  • Fourteen photographs 3 1/2 by 5 inches, demolition of Worth Hotel
  • Twelve photographs 3 1/2 by 5 inches, demolition of Westbrook Hotel


implosion of the Westbrook Hotel in 1978


  • First National Bank of Fort Worth
    • Annual Reports, 1965-1971
    • Report to Employees, 1978
    • First of Fort Worth, First Impressions, newsletter Volume One, Number Four
    • Employees Thrift Plan, as amended through November 18, 1969
    • The First, The Story of Fort Worth's Oldest National Bank, by Paul Mason
      1977, Newcomen Society
    • Landmarks: June 1981; September 1981; December 1981
  • First United Bancorporation Inc.
    • Annual Reports, 1972-1981
    • Annual Report, 1982 and Securities and Exchange Commission Form 10K
    • Prospectus, July 15, 1982
    • First United Tower folder with two brochures describing new building to
      be owned by First United Bancorp, Cadillac Fairview, and Burnett Family
  • InterFirst Corporation
    • Annual Reports, 1983-1986
    • Financial Statements, June 30, 1983
    • Notice of Annual Meeting and Prospectus, April 13, 1987
    • Calendar,1985
    • Results in Real Estate
    • Real Estate for Sale (Trust Real Estate Department) April/May 1984
    • Trust and Investment Management Reporter, June 1984
    • Farm and Ranch Property Management Services c.1985
    • InterFirst Corporation Pension Plan, Summary Plan Description, January 1984
    • First Edition December 1983 (employee newsletter)
    • Landmark paintings at InterFirst Bank Fort Worth: a collection of 16 paintings
      by Bror Utter
    • Art at InterFirst Bank Fort Worth
  • First Republic Bank and Republic Bank Corporation
    • Annual Report, 1986
    • Brochure with information on history of First Republic Bank
    • Annual Report, 1987
  • Nations Bank
    • Charitable Trusts Annual Report, 1992
    • Annual Report, 1992
    • Nations Bank Trust and Investment Management Quick Reference Phone Guide
    • Nations Bank Corporate Telephone Directory, August 1994
    • NCNB Texas Real Estate for Sale, Trust and Investment Services, Winter 1991
    • Impressionist Masterpieces from the Barnes Collection: Cezanne to Matisse
      at the Kimbell Art Museum, April 24- August 14, 1994. Sponsor: Nations Bank
  • Fort Worth National, Bank One, The Tower
    • Live it Up downtown: Leasing and sales portfolio for condominiums. May 2004
    • An Extreme Makeover, November 3, 2005
    • Bob R. Simpson Building 2005 XTO Energy
    • Old Becomes New, A New Chapter for a Downtown Building. Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 4, 2005


  • Folder with brochures of Facilities Guide, Convention Center fact sheet, etc.

Developers and Businesses

  • Alliance Region, Special Report Fall 1998
  • 100 years: Cantey, Hanger, Gooch, Munn, and Collins (1882-1982)
  • Pier One: 100 Pier One Place: Building on a Bright Future, November 2004


  • "CLOCK"  The First National Bank of Fort Worth Retirees' Association
    Beginning with an introductory letter to members October 1988 from Ben F. Stroder Jr. 
    Following with newsletter number one, December 1988 and continuing to newsletter number 54, August 2001

Modern Art Museum

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