John Hooper Collection

Summary: John Hooper was in the 29th Infantry Division on D-Day, and lived in Joshua. The materials in this collection include photographs, copy prints, correspondence, ephemera, and newspaper clippings on military topics.

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  • England and Germany, undated, 1990, 1999, 2006
  • First Cavalry Division Seventh Cavalry Regiment, ca. 1930s
  • First Field Artillery in Scofield, Hawaii, copy prints, undated, ca. 1930s-1940s
  • Miscellaneous, undated, 2004
  • Reenactments or Military Drills, undated, 1958-1962, 1974
  • World War I France 
  • Artillery shells 
Newspaper Clipping
  • Clipping about American troops in France, undated, ca. 2000

1st Cavalry Division 7th Cavalry Regiment circa 1930s

Pictured: Members of First Cavalry Division Seventh Cavalry Regiment drinking soda, circa 1930s.

John Hooper circa 1940s

Pictured: John Hooper, circa 1940s