Mercedes John Iglesias Collection

Summary: Donor was given the following family records and photographs from a friend, A.R. Basham (or Bassham) of Boyd, Texas. The donor was given permission by Basham to keep the items and brought them to the Archives to be donated.

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  • Basham family photo album containing an article on a painting with a snapshot of the painting
  • A.R. Basham, 3120 Eastridge (Boyd, Texas?), boy with cowboy hat, undated
  • Chester and Edna Bassham picking apples in Arkansas, circa 1927
  • Chester and Edna Basshman's "Cadillac" Ford Roadster, undated
  • Bill Bassham with inscription, "To Peg O My Heart Love, Bill", undated
  • Chester and Edna in grocery store they owned, possibly in Boyd, Texas, undated
  • Chester and Edna portrait, possibly Boyd, Texas, undated
  • Dave, J.C. Morgan, Mount Vernon, Illinois, studio portrait of man in hat, undated
  • Evelyn Blythe, undated
  • Studio portrait of unidentified baby, undated
  • Two studio portraits of Bill Bassham, undated
  • Laboratory Manual in General Science, by Bertha M. Clark, Ph.D., Head of the Science Department, William Penn High School for Girls, Philadelphia, 1912
  • Brochure: "Finding a Better Way: Texas Utilities Company: 50 Years", Texas Electric Service Company, 1995

Uncle Amos, a member of the Basham family, undated

Pictured: Uncle Amos, a member of the Basham family, undated

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