William R. Jary Collection

Camp Bowie book

Summary: Donor gave material related to Camp Bowie and the 36th Division. The book is very scarce and includes many vintage photographs. For example, on page 99 is a photograph of young 2nd Lt. James F. Dobie, better known as writer J. Frank Dobie (1886-1964) with entire page serving as a tribute to his service in World War I. This book is the first comprehensive coverage of the "war years" in early Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Book: Camp Bowie, Fort Worth 1917-18, an Illustrated History of the 36th Division in World War I, Bernice B. Maxfield, Publisher, William E. Jary Jr., Editor and Art Director, Published by B.B. Maxfield Foundation, Fort Worth, Texas (image shown)
  • "The Fighting 36th," Historical Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2, Summer 1981, published by the Historical and Records Committee of the 36th Division Association