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Summary: Donor gave research on Liberator Village, A. L. Shuman, and Boy Scouts as well as other topics. Liberator Village was a project of the U. S. government beginning in 1941. It was a series of buildings to house workers for the newly built "Bomber Plant" west of Fort Worth, at the southern edge of White Settlement, west of Grants Lane, and south of Farmers Branch


  • Man of Golden Deeds, A. L. Shuman. Fort Worth. Brown leather album presented to A. L. Shuman at the 15th Golden Deeds dinner, March 31, 1939, Fort Worth Club. Album contains invitation to dinner, program from the event, copy of the plaque containing signatures of all attendees, photographs from the dinner, speech given by J. B. Thomas, resolutions from the Boy Scouts, Advertising Club of Fort Worth,  Moslah Temple, as well as congratulatory letters from executives and friends of Mr. Shuman's.


  • "Fort Worth Military Ball"  program, October 20, 1984
  • A History of the Texas State Guard, by Chaplain Curren R. McLane, Texas State Guard. c. 1983, Spiral bound booklet. The author was a former member of the Tarrant County Historical Commission.
  • Texas Military History, a quarterly publication of the National Guard Association of Texas. Winter 1964, Volume 4, Noumber 4. Articles are over these subjects: Thomas Jefferson Chambers, Captain John Holliday, and General John A. Dunning, USAF.
  • Universal's Complete Guide Map of Fort Worth, 1958. It includes an occupancy map of downtown Fort Worth.
  • Echoes of Yesterday, The History of the White Settlement Schools, Betty McCrary Dickey, 1990. White Settlement, Texas, self-published, paper cover
  • Memories of Liberator Village, by Maurice Lambert. First Edition, May 7, 2007 signed by author on title page. Published by Memorabiliacs Press
  • Brief History of Pressing Irons for the Beginning Collector by Maurice G. Lambert. Memorabiliacs Press, November 1, 2007. Copyright by the author. Signed by the author on the title page.


  • Exchange Club of Fort Worth, Tenth Annual Golden Deeds Banquet honoring William Thomas Waggoner as the Outstanding Citizen of 1933 Wednesday, April 11, 1934, 7 p.m., Fort Worth Club. Program for the evening, with photograph of Mr. Waggoner on 2nd page. The centerfold gives the menu and the order of the evening's events. The last page gives the list of former honorees from 1924 and the membership role of the Exchange Club with officers' names.
  • "Appreciation Dinner, Tendered by his Fort Worth Friends, Honoring Judge C. V. Terrell." Program, May 6, 1936. Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Texas, Fort Worth Modern Magic, 55-page booklet, brown paper cover with photograph of Main Street, Fort Worth, looking north to courthouse from 8th Street. It appears to be a publication of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce with the goal of describing industries here. 1936 is written in pencil on cover, no other date is given.


  • 8 by 10 inches, black and white - on back is written: "Wedding picture with Shuman in it. 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Shuman"


  • Liberator Village
    • Living in Liberator Village in the 1940's and 50's, by Maurice G. Lambert. 12-page narrative, written in 1996, updated in 2001. Author marked this copy as a Draft.
    • The Village Theater, by Maurice G. Lambert. Three-page narrative written in 1992.
    • Living in Liberator Village Joining Boy Scouts, by Maurice G. Lambert. Draft copy of narrative written in 1996, two pages
    • Living in Liberator Village Swimming Lesson, by Maurice G. Lambert. One page narrative, no date

Charitable Organizations

  • Boy Scouts of America
    • Boy Scout Camp Leroy Shuman by Maurice G. Lambert. Six-page narrative, labeled Draft, written in 1997, revised in 2003.
    • Sea Scouting in the Longhorn Council, BSA by Maurice G. Lambert. Seven-page narrative, states its last update was August 24, 2004.
    • Scout Circus 1945 by Maurice G. Lambert. One-page narrative, no date given.
    • Legal Description of Boy Scout Lease at Lake Worth, June 23, 1965, City of Fort Worth
    • Camp Shuman, 1949, map drawn by Maurice Lambert, not to scale, showing placement of buildings, road and tree lines in relation to Lake Worth.
    • Camp Shuman, 1950, map drawn by Maurice Lambert, showing buildings, water tower, relation to Meandering Road. Drawing shows the changes in use of the buildings since 1920's.
    • Camp Leroy Shuman, map drawn by Maurice Lambert, no date given. This map shows the location of the Boy Scout Camp in relation to the roads, highways and landmark buildings near it.
    • Camp Leroy Shuman Directions Map, Longhorn Council, print-out. April 21, 2005
    • Memories of Worth Ranch Boy Scout Camp "The Big Adventure" by Maurice G. Lambert. Published by Memorabiliacs Press, First Edition, May 17, 2006, Copyright 2005 TXu-245-008. Signed by the author on frontispiece. Paper cover


  • The Fort Worther, July 1, 1944, Vol. IV, No. 26. Twenty pages, fragile with some tears at folds. This was the publication for the Fort Worth Service Men's Center -- the name given to the USO activities here in World War II. At this time, the main center was in the former Sanger Building. Other locations were in the Bowen Bus Depot, Union Depot and the Colored Men's Center (1600 Jones). The original center was in a dining room at the Hotel Texas. This edition gives some history of the centers and also an overview of the military presence in the area, with names of commanding officers.
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