Howard H. McPeak Collection


Dirigible Los Angeles over Montgomery Wards in 1928

Summary: Donated books, catalogs, maps, photographs, magazines, information and photographs related to Montgomery Ward's. Donor was a long-time display manager for Montgomery Ward store on West Seventh Street in Fort Worth.

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Ward's Publications, Plans, Correspondence, and Newspaper Clippings

  • Montgomery Ward Catalog: Collector's Edition, 1922
  • Montgomery Ward Catalog: Century Edition, 1872-1972
  • Forward publications, 1923-1924 and 1925-1926
  • Company Report on the effects of the May 17, 1949 flood with photographs, estimates of department stock damaged, monetary value, and results from sale of damaged goods for salvage
  • Plans of Montgomery Ward building August 8, 1955, drawn by H. H. McPeak on occasion for addition to building on east wing
  • Correspondence from and to Howard McPeak concerning requests for loans of Montgomery Ward memorabilia
  • Newspaper clippings concerning the May 17, 1949 flood

Books, Booklets, and Pamphlets

  • The Fort Worth Club: A Centennial Story by Irvin Farman, 1985
  • Booklet: "Brave Men and Cold Steel: A History of Range Detective and Their Peacemakers," published by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation, 1984
  • Booklet: "Texas and Southwestern Raisers Foundation"
  • Booklet: "The Legacy Fund"
  • Assorted pamphlets from Jack Williams Chevrolet
  • Shopping center - Seminary South Town Center
  • Lure of the Land,  Texas County Maps and the history of Settlement by Joe B. Frantz and Mike Cox, edited by Roger A Griffin with a foreword by Garry Mauro, published for the Texas General Land Office by Texas A&M press, College Station
  • A Twentieth Century History and Biographical Record of north and West Texas by Capt. B. B. Paddock, editor, illustrated volumes I and II, The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, New York, 1906
  • Famous Trees of Texas, 3rd edition, 1984, John A. Haislet, editor; published by Texas Forest Service, A Part of the Texas A&M University System
  • Booklet: "Greater Fort Worth 1907 The gateway to the Great State of Texas," pictures of Fort Worth Buildings
  • Booklet: "Those daring young Men: A History of the Automobile Pioneers in Fort Worth 1902-1940" by Michael Collins, Ph. D., published in 1985 by Frank D. Kent, produced by the Fort Worth News-Tribune


  • Time, July 25, 1969, story "Man on the Moon"
  • Time, July 18, 1969, story "To the Moon"


  • "New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States" by J.H. Young, Philadelphia: Published by Augustus Mitchell, 1837
  • "Sesquicentennial Map of Texas" drawn and designed by Richard Alan Hubbard, published April 21, 1985, by John Davis
  • "Sesquicentennial Map of Texas showing Battles of the Texas Revolution," compiled by John Davis, drawn and edited by Richard Alan Hubbard, Texas Sesquicentennial Press, 1984

Ward's Photographs

  • Thirty-seven black and white, 8 by 10 inch photos taken during 1928, the year of construction and opening, photographs were taken by C. L. Wilson, commercial photographer.
    1. Preliminary construction site being cleared, February 4, 1928
    2. Forms for first floor on west wing up, February 25, 1928
    3. Forms ready to pour concrete for second floor, west wing, March 3, 1928
    4. Forms for fourth and fifth floor being readied, west wing, April 7, 1928
    5. View from east wing looking southwest, sixth floor being begun, no date
    6. View from east wing, sixth floor poured, seventh floor beginning, May 3, 1928
    7. View from north looking into space for rail line between two wings, July 27, 1928
    8. View from north showing steel supports for train shed, August 11, 1928
    9. View from southwest at finished building, September 1, 1928
    10. View from west showing building with signs up, being readied for opening September 9, 1928
    11. View from north showing steel trusses for rail shed, September 1, 1928
    12. Night time view before opening, September 1928
    13. Bronze Building Plaque over time capsule
    14. Front entrance lobby with fish ponds and Romeo and Juliet balcony, no date
    15. View from east wing rear showing completed building, September 15, 1928
    16. View from roof of train shed looking north showing enclosed walkways
    17. View from east wing rooftop looking west, showing smokestack, freight elevator penthouse, flags flying on south side
    18. North dock with roll-up overhead doors for box cars, downtown seen on left
    19. South east corner of building, catalog sales area
    20. Completed front entrance
    21. Crowd waiting outside on opening day
    22. Soda fountain on east wall of first floor, west wing
    23. Fabric department, first floor, west wing
    24. Tire, auto parts, tools, and yard supplies, first floor, west wing, north wall
    25. Bicycle shop, men's hats to right rear, rifles on racks behind bicycles
    26. Furniture Department, second floor
    27. Window display of furniture, at southwest corner of building
    28. Radio and phonograph display in window
    29. Rug Department, second floor
    30. Musical Instrument and Victrola department, second floor, west wing
    31. Lamp department, second floor, west wing
    32. Unvented radiant gas heaters, second floor
    33. Cooking ranges: gas, kerosene and wood burning
    34. Mail Order Offices, eight floor, looking north, from southeast corner of east wing
    35. Mail order offices, eight floor, looking north from southwest corner of east wing
    36. Stock boys on roller-skates
    37. Montgomery Ward with dirigible, Los Angeles, returning from the Panama Canal Zone, September 1928 (image shown)
    38. - 42.  Five negatives: photos number 2, 3, 4, 5, and 37
  • Twelve black and white photos, 8 by 10 inches, of staff at Fort Worth store, most unidentified
  • Ten people in front of map of district
  • Party scene at dinner tables, circa 1945, Maurice Petitfils Photographers
  • Typing Unit, Smith Photo Company, no date
  • Five people in front of district map: Gus Norman is identified as standing in rear center
  • Four women seated in front of bulletin board
  • Five people holding paychecks
  • Man in suit, woman with cowgirl hat presenting tickets to Southwestern Exposition Roundup Club to man at desk
  • Margaret Ann McMillian by cake at Swift's Camp on Lake Worth, 1952
  • Reception table at Swift's Camp on Lake Worth, 1952, Skeet Richardson Photo
  • People in line for refreshments at same party at Swifts Camp on Lake Worth, August 1, 1952. Skeet Richardson Photo
  • Reception scene, same party, with punch bowl on left, table with little girl, August 1, 1952. Skeet Richardson Photo
  • Stereo center display, car radios, no date
  • Nine photos, black and white, most 8 by 10 inches, all but one related to May 1949 flood and its effect on Montgomery Ward store on West 7th
  • Aerial view of flood from north east to south west, showing east wing of West 7th Street under water, Lancaster Bridge on left rear with Farrington Field in Center. Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo
  • North side of Montgomery Ward showing rail entrance under water, farm store with water to roof line. William Cameron (lumber) across West 7th under water, People in boats looking in windows of store. Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo, Photo torn along top left corner
  • West 7th Street after flood has receded, with merchandise pulled from store on lawn. Bob Abey Photo Co. (gas is .21 and .22 at service station) Safeway Store and Plantation Cafe‚ are up the street
  • Front entrance of flooded storefront with racks of clothes in yard, display windows are broken. Stamped on back: Skeet Richardson Photo, May 9, 1949
  • Aerial view of Farm Store and parking lot on west side, with debris from flood, Bob Abey Photo Co.
  • Interior of store in ladies clothing, showing display cases up-ended by flood. Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo
  • Bargain Room merchandise scattered from flood waters. Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo
  • Front lobby with elevators, showing flood damage. Acme News pictures, a division of NEA Service, Inc. 7 by 9 inches
  • Group photo of employees in front of retail store upon the re-modeling of building, they have removed the time capsule placed at entrance in 1928 and adding newer items of memorabilia.


  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 21, 1969, headline "Man on the Moon"
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 24, 1969, headline "Apollo Makes Perfect Landing"
  • The New York Times, June 6, 1944, "Allied Armies Land in France in the Havre-Cherbourg Area; Great Invasion is Under Way"
  • National Geographic Maps
    • Indians of North America
    • Bird Migration in the Americas
    • the Shaping of a Continent
    • North America's Active West
    • Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas
    • North America
  • Poster of Astronauts
  • Bell Helicopter/Textron edition, May 21, 1976. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Big Party Begins, USA Birthday, July 4, 1976. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Bicentennial Memory Book, Fort Worth News-Tribune. 1975
  • In Old Fort Worth, July 2, 3, 4, 1976. Fort Worth News-Tribune
  • Carter Becomes 39th president, January 20, 1977. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Reagan is Shot, March 30, 1981. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • John Hinkley is Moved, March 31, 1981. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Farewell, Fort Worth, May 30, 1975. Fort Worth Press
  • 1995 All-Star Game, July 9, 1995. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Kimbell Art Museum, October 1, 1972. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • A new moon at the Modern, December 8, 2002. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Casa Grande, October 5, 2003. Fort Worth Star-telegram
  • Fort Worth 150, June 6, 1999. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Show Stopper, August 20, 2004. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Columbia is Lost, February 2, 2003. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • As Nation Mourns, Search Continues, February 3, 2003. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • NASA questions judgment on tiles, February 4, 2003. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • NASA hopes wing piece yields clues, February 8, 2003. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Tarrant County 3-D, April 1, 2004. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Inside the Texan, March 28, 2004. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • A new Star in Grapevine, April 2, 2004. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Arts in Arlington, March 1982. Fort Worth Star-Telegram supplement
  • Foes on the run, Bush says, October 12, 2001. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • A Nation Remembers, September 11, 2001. Star-Telegram, September 8, 2002 bearing witness, September 7, 2003. Star-Telegram
  • We Will Never Forget, September 11, 2001. Star-Telegram, September 11, 2003
  • U.S. troops in the Middle East, March 14, 2003. Star-Telegram
  • Fort Worth Daily Gazette, August 26, 1884
  • Inside the White House, Our New First Lady, February 8, 1964. Saturday Evening Post
  • Memories of my Boyhood, Dwight D. Eisenhower, April 8, 1967. Saturday Evening Post


  • Eight photographs of Seminary South / Town Center Shopping Center
  • 5 by 7 inch black and white photograph of the tombstone of Ira and Abigail Harmon at the Harmon Cemetery in Tarrant County, Texas

Sam Houston Statue Dedication

  • Two souvenirs
  • Two copies of the Huntsville item, October 16, 1994
  • Four copies of dedication program
  • Pamphlet: Sam Houston Statue visitor center and gift shop
  • Pamphlet: The Sam Houston Trail