Jan Evans Miller Collection

Louis J. Wortham

Summary: Donated six volumes covering the history of Texas, including a five-volume set by Louis J. Wortham. Louis J. Wortham was a legislator and journalist who was born about 1858. From 1909 to 1915 he represented Tarrant County in the House of the Texas Legislature. A son of the editor of the Sulphur Springs Gazette, he also became a newspaperman. He edited Current Issue, a weekly journal in Austin, worked on other papers as well, and was one of the founders of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He served as editor of the Star-Telegram until 1923. His five-volume History of Texas from Wilderness to Commonwealth was published in 1924.


  • A History of Texas From Wilderness to Commonwealth by Louis J. Wortham, LL.D. (image shown) , five volumes, Wortham-Molyneaux Company, Fort Worth, Texas, printing and binding by the World Company, Inc., Fort Worth, electrotyping by Sam Ross McElreath, Fort Worth, 1924
    • Volume One: Early Spanish History in Texas to 1830
    • Volume Two: Santa Anna to 1835
    • Volume Three: Gonzales, the Alamo, San Jacinto, a Republic
    • Volume Four: Republic, Annexation, Statehood, Confederacy
    • Volume Five: Reconstruction, Cattle Business, Discovery of Oil, Cities
  • Texans and Their State, A Newspaper Reference Work, High Nugent Fitzgerald, Editor in Chief, published by The Texas Biographical Association, Fort Worth, Texas, 1918