Abby Moran Collection

Summary: Donor gave Federal Archives inventories that pertain to Texas. This collection serves as reference material.
Inventory of Federal Archives (Texas) 
Published in the 1930s by the Historical Records Survey, San Antonio, in 18 volumes, the Inventory of Federal Archives in the States donated relate to collections in Texas only. The records inventoried should now be held at the Federal Archives in Fort Worth.   
  • Department of War (in 12 parts), Part Two
  • Department of War, Part Four
  • Department of War, Part Six
  • Department of War, Part Seven
  • Department of War, Part Eight - this volume has inventory for Fort Worth
  • Department of War, Part Nine
  • Department of War, Part Ten
  • Department of War, Part Eleven
  • Department of War, Part Twelve
  • Department of the Treasury (in four parts), Part Two - Fort Worth data begins on page 110
  • Department of the Treasury, Part Three - Fort Worth data begins on page 282
  • Department of the Treasury, Part Four - Fort Worth data begins on page 300 and page 314
  • Department of Agriculture (in nine parts) Part Three
  • Department of Agriculture, Part Eight
  • Miscellaneous Agencies (in two parts), Part One, 1940
  • Miscellaneous Agencies, Part Two
  • Department of Labor (in two parts), Part Two, 1940 - Fort Worth data begins on page 324
  • Department of the Interior, one volume, 1940