Jeremy Dwight Nichols Collection

Pierrot Gravestone

Summary: Nichols donated research and publications related to 19th century portrait artist Eugene Pierrot (later spelled Perrot). Pierrot is credited with painting the first portraits in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, that of Sarah Hyde Gray Jennings (1816-1893) and her second husband Thomas Jefferson Jennings (1801-1881). For more on the portraits see the Amon Carter Museum Collection.  The donor is from Sonoma, California, where the artist later lived and was buried. Eugene Pierrot (1824-1919) emigrated from France to the United States with his parents and four siblings in 1850, soon thereafter moving to Texas. Pierrot served in the Fourth Texas Calvary, Company F fighting for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War per his grave marker.

  • Jeremy Dwight Nichols, "Who Was Eugene Perrot and Why Did He Paint this Picture?" Sonoma Medicine (Spring 2005), pages 31-34
  • Eugene Pierrot grave marker in Sonoma, California (image shown)
  • Three electronically sent letters detailing additional information about Eugene Pierrot