Pearl Foster O'Donnell Collection

Mary Jane Leonard and Wedding

Summary: Donated books, photographs, documents and family records.

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  • Trek to Texas: 1770-1870 by donor, 1966, hardcover


  • Mary Ann Foster Leonard, daughter of Ambrose Foster, wife of Archibald Leonard, original and copies
  • Mary Jane Leonard with family members on the occasion of her marriage to John Harrison Hallford. 8 by 10 inch, black and white photo which is a portion of original photograph, October 1859 (image shown)
  • Martha "Mattie" Leonard Zinn and her mother, Mary Ann Foster Leonard, Black and white photograph, 1 inch by 2 1/8 inches, cut from a larger, unknown photograph
  • Large group, machine copy of original, of men, supposedly taken on the occasion of the marriage of Mary Jane Leonard and John Harrison Hallford, and the meeting of the West Fork Baptist Association, October 1859
  • Collection of papers written by donor
    • Tarrant County
    • Grapevine
    • "Trek to Texas" corrections
    • Ed Bates' "History of Denton County"
    • Cross Timbers/Lonesome Dove Church
    • 1845 Missouri Colony
    • Early Cemeteries
    • Correspondence with history notes
Family Records
  • Obituary, papers, note of Mattie Pearl Foster O'Donnell who died in Fort Worth on February 24, 1984
  • Family History file of Pearl Foster O'Donnell