Vera Benton Parker Collection

Summary: This collection includes five copy print photographs of African-American students from Fort Worth's "colored" schools during the time of segregation. Dates range from approximately 1910s to the 1950s. The photographs of football teams relate to Marion Bates, who played football at I. M. Terrell High School in the early 1920s and came back to coach there in 1929.

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Southside Colored School circa 1920s

Pictured: Southside "Colored" School, circa 1920s.

African-American School Photographs (circa 1910s-1950s)

  • Southside "Colored" School photograph: Seventeen children ranging in age from a baby sitting on a lap to late elementary school age and two women, likely teachers, at the school
  • Group photograph: One adult woman and twelve children. Three are sitting on chairs, one is sitting on the woman's lap, and the remaining children stand.
  • Football team photograph (likely I. M. Terrell High School): Sixteen players in uniform and one "ball boy" seated on steps of brick school building. Three adult men stand on the left, right, and rear of the team.
  • Football team photograph (likely I. M. Terrell High School): Thirty players in uniform and support staff of adults and other children not in uniforms.
  • Group photograph: Large group of adults outside school; possibly parents and teachers group