Michael Patterson Collection

Fort Worth Stockyards Drug Store.

Summary: Patterson donated his research files on the Oak Grove Methodist Church, Mitchell Cemetery, area schools, photographs, and books.


  • Texas Log Buildings, A Folk Architecture by Terry G. Jordan, Austin and London: University of Texas Press, 1978
  • Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions, revised edition, 1977, compiled by John M. Kinney, revised by Peggy Oakley by Archives Division, Texas State Library
  • Confederate and Southern States Currency, a part of Criswell's Currency Series, Vol. I, 1st Revised Edition, Confederate and Southern State Currency, by Grover C. Criswell Jr., 1964, published by Krause Publications
  • Criswell's Currency Series Vol. II, Confederate and Southern State Bonds, by Grover C. Criswell Jr., 1961


  • Mitchell Cemetery
    • Partial copy of Mary Daggett Lake manuscript - "Tarrant First Girl"
    • Partial copy of "Autobiography of Oscar Zandt Gulledge" from Fort Worth City Guide
    • Partial copy of "First Cemetery," by Mrs. E. O. Anderson, October 1, 1867
    • Newspaper clippings from 1935, 1937, and other undated
    • Five pages of assorted notes
    • Portion of letter from O. L. York
    • Letter from Larry Williams dated May 22, 1979
    • Map of property of Fort Worth Stockyards Company, Little Survey, July 1922
  • Allen Cemetery
    • 1902 deed from Mary Y. Smith to W. S. Allen for 320 acres
    • J. M. Goodwin survey
    • 1924 deed Allen's et. al to Frank G. Allen, excepting graveyard
    • Tax card for J. M. Goodwin Survey, Abstract 611
    • Inventory of Allen cemetery, located on J. M. Goodwin survey, one page
    • Handwritten notes, four pages
  • Davenport Cemetery
    • Field notes for road project
    • Handwritten notes, 12 pages
  • Spring Garden Cemetery - notes


  • Oak Grove Methodist Church
    • April 25, 1975 notes, interview with Mrs. Lou Shaffer of Colleyville
    • Resume of Robert Covington Hicks, Methodist minister, dated November 29, 1894
    • Photograph labeled "Oak Grove Methodist Church" c. 1890
    • Handwritten notes on the Journal Central Texas Conference and census information
    • Copy of deed of land for Methodist Episcopal Church, McLean survey
  • Bear Creek Baptist Church - minutes, nine pages
  • Tarrant County Baptist Association, minutes of 1886, four pages

Family Files

  • Eli Smith Family: handwritten notes, five pages
  • Spencer Graham: three pages
  • Hurst Family: four pages
  • Abram Byas: three pages
  • Seaborn Gilmore and Family: 26 pages
  • S. C. H. Witten: power of attorney, two pages
  • Hamilton Bennett: five pages
  • Alverson Family: Randle Mill, nine pages
  • Rev. John Q. Burnett: two pages
  • Rev. John A. Freeman: 20 pages
  • Thomas Easter Family: 14 pages
  • Lilburn H. Colley: 21 pages
  • Thomas J. Thompson: various papers
  • Bobo Family: four pages
  • W. L. Huff: five pages
  • W. D. Hudgins: obituary, handwritten notes
  • White Family: personal papers, tax records, receipts, etc, 40 pages


  • Simon Cockrell: official papers in reference to service in army of Republic of Texas, and bounty grants, 11 pages
  • William Driskill, 1861, muster roll, one page
  • Peter Parker, 1865 muster roll, one page
  • Pension papers, Texas Revolution pensions, 21 pages
  • Nathaniel Terry: probate records, 36 pages


  • Seven photographs of the remains of the iron bridge over Big Bear Creek on Pleasant Run-White's Chapel Road, Grapevine, after its collapse in 1971, when it was struck by an auto and both bridge and car collapsed, photos were taken a few days after (image shown) 
  • One old photograph, mounted, of interior of Fort Worth Stockyards Drug Store, date unknown, but appears to be early 1900s (image shown)
  • Oak Grove Methodist Church, about 1890, 8 by 10 inches black and white copy print, photographer unknown, origin of photo unknown
  • Isham Crowley and Hiram Crowley tombstones, Bear Creek Cemetery, photos taken by donor, 5 by 7 inches black and white prints
  • William L. Hurst. One original copy in possession of Jo Ellen Greer, accompanies manuscript
  • "Em" Hurst and his family lived in this small log cabin located in present-day Hurst at the southeast corner of Norwood and Highway 183, accompanies manuscript

Iron Bridge on Bear Creek

  • W. L., Mary Hurst, and their children; America Belle Hurst, Evie Hurst, Francis Hurst, Mahlon Hurst, James Houston Hurst, Emerson Hurst, Tom Hurst, and Will Hurst. Photo taken the day of a large gathering at Tom Hurst's Home, accompanies manuscript
  • The Rock Island Railroad constructed this depot on Uncle Billy's land in 1903 and named the stop Hurst, accompanies manuscript
  • Community gathering at the home of Wiley Thomas Hurst, now Hackney Hill, Highway 183, Hurst, TX, accompanies manuscript
  • Detail of group at Tom Hurst's house on Devil's Backbone. W.L. Hurst is standing to the left of the porch, accompanies manuscript
  • Portrait of W. L. and Mary Hurst. Photo was provided by Tommy Ray, accompanies manuscript  
  • Gravestone of W. L. and Mary Hurst in Bedford Cemetery, accompanies manuscript
  • Digital Images: World War II ordnance factory on North Main Street in Fort Worth, Crown Machine and Tool Company, undated (circa 1940s)


  • Typed quotes from Fort Worth Gazette, dated 1884, one page
  • Typed notes from official records: Treasury Records, State Archives, and County School Directory, fifteen pages
  • Typed notes from Fort Worth Daily Gazette, October 11, 1885
  • Five pages typed notes on school districts, source unknown
  • One page 1880 census, William P. Sims
  • One page assorted typed notes including school districts
  • Typed page of Euless school notes
  • Hand-drawn plat of Mt. Johnson Survey 863, and J. Crearly Survey 269, showing school district line
  • Five copies of partial maps, showing school districts
  • 10 letters to Patterson relative to school districts
  • Files on Johnson School and Evatt School


  • Bobo House, Bedford
    • 1979 Manuscript by Mike Patterson
    • Two pages from old book found in Bobo house
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