Joan Peterson Paulsen Collection

Carruthers Field 1918
Summary: Donor gave family photographs and documents relating to Carruthers Field, Benbrook, Texas, during World War I and the military service of Anton Peterson during that time. Also known as Benbrook Field, Carruthers Field was initially known as Taliaferro No. 2 and was part of a complex of three Taliaferro fields near Fort Worth. The field was used during World War I as an aerial gunnery school for both American and Canadian students and was afterward deactivated.
  • Album, black, 11 by 8 inches, bound with cord. Twenty-seven pages, black paper, there are a few spaces with photos removed. Carruthers Field, Benbrook, Texas, 1918-1919, no identities given. Album assembled by donor's father, Anton Peterson (image shown is from album)
  • Five images of plane crashes, two are 5 by 3 inches, three are 8 by 6 inches
  • Composite 8 by 6 inches, portraits are numbered, small plane in center of composite, labeled: Carruthers Field
  • Twenty aviators and machinists standing by plane in front of hanger, 8 by 6 1/4 inches
  • Two aerial photographs, Carruthers Field, Benbrook
  • Five photographs of Anton Peterson and his fellow soldiers, 4 by 6 inches
  • Souvenir Folder of Fort Worth, mailed to Mrs. John Peterson, Braceville, Ill.,  Cover shows Fort Worth City Hall; verso is Paddock Viaduct looking south
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  • Enlistment Record, December 14, 1917, Certificate, August 5, 1918, signed by Edward H. Kendall, Honorable Discharge for Anton Peterson, March 29, 1919, by T. J. Hanley, of Honorable Discharge for: The Soldiers Friend, Chicago Herald and Examiner, copies
  • Correspondence from donor to Tarrant County Archives