Jim Pitts Collection

Summary: Donated documents on churches, schools, and hotels in Fort Worth.
  • St. Patrick's
    • "Kindly, Wise and Beloved.That's Father Nolan, 40 Years a Priest," partial article from Fort Worth Press, June 4, 1938, about Msgr. Robert M. Nolan, pastor of St. Patrick Church
  • Westbrook Hotel
    • Copy of menu for Westbrook Hotel, February 2, 1938
    • "Recollections" of the Westbrook Hotel. Source unknown, possibly a Chamber of Commerce publication

Birdie O'Driscoll Ottley 

Pictured: Birdie O'Driscoll Otley, undated

  • All Saints Academy
    • All Saints Academy, Northwest 22nd and Belle Avenue, North Fort Worth, 8 by 10 inches, black and white
    • Birdie O'Driscoll Ottley (grandmother of donor) who occupied the former All Saints Academy, 1927-1935, and opened it as a refuge for people in need of shelter during the Depression. 5 by 7 inches, sepia tone photograph (image shown)
    • Timeline for building that served as academy: 1906-1960s
    • Newspaper article: "All Saints Academy, North Fort Worth" December 21, 1905. It contains text of dedication sermon given by Rev. R. M. Nolan of Gainesville, Name of newspaper is unknown, but appears to have been published in San Antonio
    • Text from "Southern Messenger" Vol. XIV, No. 43. December 21, 1905, describing new academy built by Sisters of Incarnate Word in Rosen Heights, North Fort Worth