Jack Reichenstein Collection

Fort Worth Centennial 1936.

Pictured: Last Frontier, Fort Worth Centennial, 1936


Summary: Donor gave collection of postcards, photographs and items related to his family and business. Donor's father, Charles A. Reichenstein, owned the Worth Segar (German spelling for Cigar) Store located at 1017 Main St. in Fort Worth, later moving to 801 Main in what was the Worth Hotel. He also owned the Worth Segar Store at the Livestock Exchange Building. Donor states his Grandfather, Louis Reichenstein, came to America during the Civil War on the same ship as Adolphus Busch, who later made him manager of beer distribution in Dallas. Louis Reichenstein was fatally stabbed during President Taft's visit to Dallas in 1909.


  • Greater Fort Worth 1907 Gateway to the Great State of Texas by A. Owen Jennings, engravings by Sanders Engraving Co., Press of Texas Printing Company, 1907
  • Letter from Roy to Jake, March 26, 1936
  • Letter from Jack Reichenstein to Susan Pritchett regarding family history and identification of photographs, August 2, 2005
  • Letter from Jack Reichenstein to Susan Pritchett regarding a prohibition liquor bottle, August 29, 2005
  • Email exchange between Susan Pritchett and Carol Roark regarding the death of Louis Reichenstein, includes photocopies of original newspaper clippings, October 11-12, 2005


Views of the Fort Worth Frontier Centennial, 1936, 10 views, 50 cents, in envelope with photo of road leading to the Frontier Centennial

  • Pin Wheel Ave., Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Billy Rose's Jumbo, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Along Sunset Trail, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Sunset Trail, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Sunset Trail (with HO2 Chuck-Wagon), Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Lone Star Ensemble, Last Frontier, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • Finale, Last Frontier, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth (image shown)
  • The Paris Fair, Scene from Casa Manana Review, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth
  • West Texas Chamber of Commerce, Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Sunset Trail (Night View), Frontier Centennial, Fort Worth


  • Interior of cigar store, likely the Worth Segar Store, with Charles Reichenstein, Claud Townsend, and one other employee, undated
  • Worth Segar Store, inside the Hotel Worth, 801 Main (southeast corner of West 7th and Main), Fort Worth, circa 1930s

Receipts, Tax Statements, Business Records

  • Business cards for Louis Reichenstein as General Agent for E. Anheuser Company's Northern Texas office in Dallas, circa 1880s
  • Poll tax receipt, Dallas County, for Charles A. Reichenstein, January 30, 1911
  • Tax statements and receipts for the Worth Segar Store and for property in Cheltenham Addition and Mattison, 1921-1948
  • Licenses for selling liquor and cigarettes for the Worth Segar Store, 1933-1935, 1942-1947
  • Vehicle receipts, mileage rationing cards, driver's licenses, Charles A. Reichenstein, 1926, 1935, 1937, 1942-1947

Publications and Ephemera

  • "Charles A. Reichenstein, Dean of Grid Arbiters, Retires to Make Room for Younger Officials," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sports section, Spring 1935, photocopy, undated
  • "Bond Salesman Sells City Security," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1936
  • "Be Smart Be Comfortable" advertising flyer from Washer Brothers Men and Women's Clothing Store, Fort Worth, Spring and Summer clothing, 1940
  • Reichenstein Family Notes, written by Jack Reichenstein, April 22, 2005
  • "Reichenstein and Manley: A Fatal Stabbing During President Taft's Visit to Dallas in 1909," Legacies, Spring 2006