Melvina Grunewald Smith Collection

Grunewald Hotel circa 1888-1889

Pictured: Grunewald Hotel, circa 1888-1889

Summary: Donor is a descendant of Peter Grunewald, owner and proprietor of the Grunewald Hotel, Restaurant and Saloon, located at the southwest corner of Terry and E. Sixteenth Street in Fort Worth. The Grunewald family residence was located upstairs. The family later moved to the northern end of Samuels Avenue where they built a pavilion for social gatherings. This collection contains photographs from the Grunewald family collection.


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  • Grunewald Hotel, black and white photograph copies, 4 by 5 inch print, two 8 by 10 inch prints, and one negative.
  • Open touring car purchased in 1913 with Grunewald family. Back seat: Julia Hoffman Grunewald, Minnie Grunewald Coleman. Middle Seat: Fredia Grunewald Starr, Lois Horn Grunewald, Cora Grunewald Eberling. Front seat: Peter C. Grunewald, William H. Grunewald (driver’s seat) and Fred W. Grunewald standing on running board. Standing by front of car is Fred Eberling and Joseph Starr.
  • Early Fort Worth school, German and English School, Tenth and Calhoun streets. Carl F. Baumann, principal and teacher. Children’s names listed on photo.
  • Toledo Steamer Automobile, second card in Fort Worth, 1901. Julia Hoffman Grunewald is seated woman on right; her husband, Fred W., is standing by the wheels on the right. The man in the front and the woman on the left of Julia are unknown.
  • Grunewald family portrait. Front row: Freddie Eberling, Milton F. Grunewald and Peter J. Starr (standing). Second row: Cora Grunewald Eberling, Mrs. P. C. Grunewald, Peter C. Grunewald, Julia Hoffman Grunewald and Fredia Grunewald Starr. Third row: Fred Eberling, William H. Grunewald, Fred W. Grunewald and Joseph Starr.
  • Toledo Steamer Automobile, two. Boy is Milton F. Grunewald with father, Fred Grunewald.
  • Grunewald House, 1104 Samuels Avenue. Woman is Julia Hoffman Grunewald. Standing at her left is son, William Fred Grunewald and the infant is Milton F. Grunewald.
  • Grunewald family on front porch. Front row: Hugo von John, Fred Eberling Jr., Steven Coleman, Robert Coleman, Peter Joseph Starr (son of Frieda and Joe), Wilhelmine Soffie Grunewald, Louise Grunewald (William Hugo’s daughter), P. C. Grunewald, Dorothy Eberling. Standing in rear: Fred Eberling, Cora Grunewald Eberling, Milton F. Grunewald (Fred’s son), Julia Grunewald (Fred’s wife), William Hugo Grunewald (holding Geraldine), Frieda Grunewald Starr, Lois Grunewald (W. H.’s wife), Minnie Grunewald Coleman, Fred Grunewald, Steven Coleman Sr. and Joe Starr.

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