Bennett L. Smith Collection

Bennett L. Smith at dedication of historical marker for Barron Field 1976

Pictured: Bennett L. Smith at the dedication of the historical marker for Barron Field in Everman, July 23, 1976.



Summary: Bennett L. Smith was an attorney in Fort Worth, Texas. He was the founding Chair of the Tarrant County Historical Commission, which evolved from the earlier Historical Survey Committee. Donor authored several books and booklets, including Bethesda and The Last Train, and edited several works, including Tarrant County Bar Memorials 1938-1976.


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  • The Lawyer Paces Scrap Book of Bench and Bar by W. T. Pace


  • "One Hundred Years of the Supreme Court of Texas," report on ceremony commemorating the 100 year existence of the Supreme Court of Texas and celebrating the centennial of its first meeting, at Austin, January 13, 1940, West Publishing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • "A Bank and a Shoal of Time," The First National Bank, Fort Worth Texas, published by the bank, April 18, 1961
  • "City of Fort Worth Chapter," published and issued by authority of the City Council of the City of Fort Worth, Texas as adopted December 1924, with all amendments through April 4, 1981
  • "A City...and the Bank that Bears its Name. The Story of the Fort Worth National Bank," published circa 1979
  • "Scenes from the Past: A Mid-Cities Album," by Duane Gage, 1975
  • "Newcomer's Guide to Fort Worth, a Special Place," an official publication of the Fort Worth Area Chamber of Commerce, 1974-1975
  • "The Constitution of the United States and its Amendments," published in 1939 for the Railway and Industrial Engineering Co.
  • "Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Opening 1973," official commemorative dedication program, BP Industries Inc., copyright 1973
  • "Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport, A Report 1975," photographs of Airport, Board of Directors, Tables of Outstanding Debt, with Special Facility revenue Bonds


  • Southwestern Historical Quarterly
    • July 1963, Vol. 67, No. 1
    • January 1985, Vol. 88, No. 3
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife
    • September 1984
  • Traction News, employee publication, Northern Texas Traction Co.-Texas Motor coaches Inc.-Tarrant County Traction Co., Fort Worth, Texas
    • July-August, 1931, Vol. 4, No. 4

Papers and Reports

  • "Treaty Power and The United Nations," radio address made February 25, 1952, by Bennett L. Smith, Attorney
  • "A Trip to the United nations," by Bennett Smith, written approx. April 14, 1954
  • "UNESCO - It's Nature and Purposes," by Bennett L. Smith, Attorney, written in 1952
  • 50 reports titled "Capital and Fiscal Budget Composite Report," completed in 1957-58 by Booz, Allen and Hamilton,  management consultants. They had been hired by the City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Independent School District, and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce to collect budget and resource materials from the various municipalities, school districts, and water district; make recommendations for future planning that would be more efficient, productive, and cost efficient. The mission was to explore the possibilities of consolidating many of the same products into a county-wide or Fort Worth-led governing/taxing entity. Not all governing bodies cooperated or sent sufficient data to be useful, but the reports completed give a remarkable view of the economic conditions in the County in the mid-twentieth century.

    • Volume 1: Introduction with some initial data of the 49 governing units that makes up the reports

    • Volume 2: City of Fort Worth, 1958

    • Volume 3: Fort Worth Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 4: Tarrant County, 1958

    • Volume 5: Tarrant County, Preliminary Report, 1957

    • Volume 6: Benbrook Water and Sewer Authority, 1958

    • Volume 7: Haltom City Water Authority, 1958

    • Volume 8: North Tarrant County Municipal Water District, 1958

    • Volume 9: Benbrook, 1958

    • Volume 10: Colleyville, 1958 

    • Volume 11: Crowley, 1958

    • Volume 12: Dalworthington Gardens, 1958

    • Volume 13: Euless, 1958

    • Volume 14: Grapevine, 1958

    • Volume 15: Haltom City, 1958

    • Volume 16: Hurst, 1958

    • Volume 17: Keller, 1958

    • Volume 18: North Richland Hills, 1958

    • Volume 19: Richland Hills, 1958

    • Volume 20: River Oaks, 1958

    • Volume 21: Saginaw, 1958

    • Volume 22: Saginaw Park, 1958

    • Volume 23: Westworth Village, 1958

    • Volume 24: White Settlement, 1958

    • Volume 25: Arlington Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 26: Azle Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 27: Bedford Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 28: Benbrook Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 29: Birdville Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 30: Bludworth Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 31: Carroll Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 32: Castleberry Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 33: Chapin Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 34: Crowley Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 35: Eagle Mountain Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 36: Everman Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 37: Grapevine Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 38: Hurst-Euless Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 39: Keller Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 40: Kennedale Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 41: Little Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 42: Mansfield Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 43: Pleasant Run Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 44: Rendon Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 45: Rosen Heights Independent School District, 1958

    • Volume 46: Saginaw Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 47: Webb Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 48: Wheatland Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 49: John T. White Common School District, 1958

    • Volume 50: White Settlement Common School District, 1958

  • "The City Plan for Arlington, Texas, 1952. A Guide for Future Development," The City Planning and Zoning Commission. Freese and Nichols, Consulting Engineers. Robert W. Caldwell, Associate Planner. Paper cover, binding torn.

  • "City of Fort Worth Texas Municipal Life, 1931-1937." Published by the Bureau of Municipal Research, Fort Worth, August 1937. Paper cover

  • "A System of Major Streets for Fort Worth, Texas." Bartholomew and Associates St. Louis, MO, October 1, 1927. Machine copy in binder. Many maps

  • "Texas Electric Service Company: Industrial Market Study." Sales Department, Ebasco Services Incorporated, May 1944

  • "Factual Information concerning the Fort Worth Area," prepared by the Fort Worth National Bank, Industrial Department, Fort Worth, Texas. 1958, paper cover

  • "Factual Information concerning the Fort Worth Area," prepared by the Fort Worth National Bank, Industrial Department, Fort Worth, Texas. 1959, paper cover

  • "Fort Worth Industrial Factbook," prepared by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. February 8, 1960. Binder. Soiling on cover

  • "Services to Business and Industry by the City of Fort Worth." City Manager's Office, City of Fort Worth. February 18, 1966. Paper cover

  • "The North Fort Worth Story." North Fort Worth Business Association. 1970, Paper cover

  • A Tale of Two Cities by Fritz Alan Korth. Senior thesis, Princeton University, April 19, 1961. Paper cover

Research Files

  • Sidney Samuels: includes newspaper articles, letters, resolutions

  • Bar Memorials: background information and correspondence for publication

  • 50th Anniversary Armistice, November 11, 1968, newspaper articles


  • Joint Petroleum Societies, Fort Worth, Texas 1956-57, Hard cover
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