Charles Stamps Collection


View of the Fort Worth business district, 1911

Image Caption: View of the Fort Worth business district looking northwest, likely taken from the Texas Brewing Company tower at East 10th and Jones Streets, in 1911. A detailed description of what can be seen was researched and written by local historian and Archives Volunteer Dalton Hoffman.

Summary: Charles Stamps (1931-2004) served as a member of the Tarrant County Historical Commission. His collection consists of family photographs, snapshots from a historical marker dedication ceremony, yearbooks, newspaper articles, and genealogical research.

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  • Photograph: 5 by 13 inches, 1911 skyline of Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Photograph: 5 by 13 inches, 1911 skyline of Fort Worth, Texas, cropped version showing eastern portion of photograph in greater detail.
  • Forty-eight color photographs, measuring 4 by 6 inches, of ceremonies and crowd at marker dedication for "Site of Confederate Park" on January 28, 2001.
  • Three school yearbooks from Paschal High School, 1947-1949
  • One yearbook from Arlington State College, 1952
  • Four yearbooks from Texas Christian University, 1951-1954
  • Charles B. Stamps - Correspondence and Ephemera, 1947, 1954, 1982
  • Newspaper articles on Joseph Henry "J. H." Stamps (1877-1952) and Ephemera, undated, circa 1898, 1932-1956
  • B. F. Stamps (1825-1902) - two copy print photographs, undated
  • Photograph: Charles Stamps is a small child, undated (circa 1930s) 
  • Elizabeth Stamps (wife of B. F. Stamps) (1847-1888) one copy print photograph, undated
  • Genealogical Research on Justin Family undated, 1978, 1981, 1986, 1997, 1999 
  • Photographs of Stamps and Justin Families
    • J. H. Stamps holding a violin, undated
    • J. H. Stamps working on/building a violin, undated
    • J. H. Stamps, Charles Stamps, and dog, undated (circa late 1940s-early 1950s)
    • Mrs. J. H. Stamps (Julia Catherine Bishop Stamps) seated holding a violin next to unidentified woman, undated
    • Men on ranch, undated (circa 1940s) 
    • Charles Stamps, his mother (Helen), Aunt Lilly, and Aunt Grace, undated (circa late 1940s - early 1950s)
    • Three women "Mother (Helen), "Big Mother" (Fern), and Aunt Mavis," undated
    • Unidentified woman, undated (circa 1980s-1990s)
    • Photographic postcard of J. H. Stamps, Julia Catherine Stamps, and Aunt Lilly at opening of Frank Ken Ford dealership in 1939
    • Myrl Justin, undated 
    • Three men, young man with glasses (Charles Stamps), and two girls, undated (circa 1940s) 
    • Three photographs of men and women (inside a Security Mutual Life Insurance Co. envelope listing Stamps and Ragsdale, Dist. Agents, Boyd, Texas), undated (circa 1920s) 
    • Three small photographs of J. H. Stamps, undated 
    • Two family photographs featuring young man with glasses (Charles Stamp), two young girls, J. H. Stamps, Julia Catherine Stamps, and other unidentified family members, undated (circa 1940s) 
    • Two girls and a pony, undated (circa 1940s) 
    • Two photographs of Charles Stamps as a small child with his mother, "Big Mother, Mamma Justin, and Grammaw," undated (circa 1930s) 
    • Woman with violin, inscribed to "Uncle Joe" (J. H. Stamps), January 26, 1942
    • Young man with glasses and two young girls (two photographs), undated (circa 1940s) 
    • Young man with glasses with older man, and two older women, undated (circa 1940s) 
    • School class (possibly Paschal High School), circa 1947 
  • Newspaper article:  "A Historical Guide to Tarrant County Cemeteries," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 20, 1982 
  • Newspaper article: "Common Grounds" article about Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 6, 1991 
  • Newspaper article: "The Southwest Parkway," article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 26, 1999 
  • Newspaper article: 2000 Census Report, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 13, 2001
  • Clippings about Justin Boots company, 1976, 1981
  • Photographs of James Vestor Meadows (Joint Reserve Base being built), undated