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Lela Standifer looking at slides

Pictured: Lela Standifer looking at slides

Summary: Donor was an active member of the Tarrant County Historical Commission (TCHC) and served as Chair of TCHC from 1991-1992. She worked on multiple preservation projects including the site of Bird's Fort, the East First Street Bridge, and the Chisholm Trail mural in Sundance Square. Standifer also spearheaded the effort to save the North Fort Worth High School building from demolition in 1991. Her collection consists of photographs, books, postcards, financial records, microfilm, and research files.

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North Fort Worth High School

Pictured: North Fort Worth High School,     built 1918

Books and Publications

  • Periodical: Aura of Fort Worth, May/June 1985
  • Book: DALLAS: An Illustrated History, by Darwin Payne, 1982.
  • Texas Almanacs: 1954-1955, 1961-1962, 1984-1985, 1986-1987
  • 1908 Sears, Roebuck Catalogue, A Treasured Replica from the Archives of History, Catalog 117, The Great Price Maker, edited by Joseph J. Schroeder Jr. (paper cover), 1969
  • Cookbook: TWENTIETH CENTURY COOK BOOK, compiled and published by The Geographical Publishing Company. Chicago, IL, 1925. Photocopy of original.
  • Map of Fort Worth, Texas, Pages 1-314 (Brookes Baker), 1949
  • Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans, by T. R. Fehrenbach. New York: Collier Books, a division of Macmillan Publishing Company, 1968, 1985.
  • Fort Worth and Tarrant County, a Historical Guide. Edited and revised by Ruby Schmidt. A project of the Tarrant County Historical Society, 1984
  • Sweetie Ladd's Historic Fort Worth. Paintings by Sweetie Ladd; text by Cissy Stewart Lale. Fort Worth: TCU Press, 1999
  • Force without Fanfare: The Autobiography of K.M. VanZandt. Edited and with an introduction by Sandra L. Myres. Foreward by Bayard H. Friedman, 1968
  • History of Fort Worth Lodge No. 148 A.F. and A. M. 1855-1955, by Charles R. Perkins, B.A. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University, 1958. Hardback
  • Fort Worth: Outpost on the Trinity, by Oliver Knight with an essay on the 20th century by Cissy Stewart Lale, 1990
  • North of the River: a brief history of North Fort Worth, by J'Nell Pate, with a foreward by Bob Schieffer. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1994
  • Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks, Photographs by Byrd Williams; Text by Carol Roark. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1995. Hardback.
  • The New Frontier: A Contemporary History of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, by Ty Cashion, 2006
  • Fort Worth in the Civil War, by James Farber, as published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Republished by Peter Hansbrough. Belton, Texas: Bell Press, 1960. Staplebound book.
  • Singing Wheels, The Alice and Jerry Books (Reading Foundation Series). New York: Row, Peterson, and Company, 1940. Hardback edition.
  • Book of Neighborhoods: Southwest, produced by the Greater Fort Worth Board of realtors, Neighborhood Revitalization Committee. 1988. Paperback
  • Fort Worth: A Citizen's Handbook, League of Women Voters of Tarrant County, 1977. Paperback
  • REMINISCENCES: Biographical and Historical, by Randolph Clark. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1979. Reprint of book printed in 1919.
  • A GUIDEBOOK: TEXAS MUSEUMS, by Paula Eyrich Tyler and Ron Tyler. University of Texas Press, Austin. 1983. First edition. Paperback copy.
  • Fort Worth and Tarrant County, A Historical Guide. Edited and revised by Ruby Schmidt. A Project of the Tarrant County Historical Society. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1984. Paperback edition.
  • How Fort Worth Became the Texas most City. Text by Leonard Sanders, with captions by Ronnie C. Tyler. Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Fort Worth. 1973. Signed by author.
  • Grapevine Area History, Sponsored by Grapevine Historical Society, Editor: Charles H. Young. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company, 1979.  Hardback edition.
  • Weimar, Texas, First 100 Years 1873-1973, Weimar Centennial Committee, Mary Hinton. 1973. Hardback edition.
  • Beaumont, a guide to the city and its environs Anson Jones Press, Houston, Texas. A Federal Writers Project, 1939. Hardback edition.
  • Yellow Rose Cookbook by Dallas Area Historical Rose Society. Waseca, MN: Walter's Cookbooks, no date. Spiralbound.
  • Directory: Fort Worth Public Schools Fort Worth, Texas 1979-1980
  • Santa Anna's Campaign Against Texas, 1835-1836, by Richard G. Santos
  • Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba; Airline Schedules, published by National Railway Publications Company in New York, May 1966
  • The Texas Rangers, a Century of Frontier Defense, by Walter Prescott Webb, foreward by Lyndon B. Johnson. 1935; 1995 reprint.
  • Immigration to Texas, by T. G. Jordan. Boston: American Press, 1980. Paperback
  • La Reunion, a French Settlement in Texas, by William J. Hammond and Margaret F. Hammond. Dallas: Royal Publishing Company, 1958.
  • Social Directory, Fort Worth, 1979-1981, Fort Worth Social Directory Association, Twelfth Edition, 1979. Hardback.
  • Traces of Texas History: Archeological Evidence of the past 450 years, by Daniel E. Fox. San Antonio: Corona Publishing Company, 1983.
  • Tales of Old-Time Texas, bu J. Frank Dobie, illustrated by Barbara Latham. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1928; 1990.
  • "Cotton Mill Cowboys, and other characters I've known" by Richard Thorpe. Greenville, South Carolina: Richwood Press, 1984.
  • Wombat, Wallaby, Marmoset and Mudhole by Orville Hancock, illustrations by Beth and Don Welch and Erika Roecker. Fort Worth: Walker Publications Inc., 1993.

Maps and Blueprints

  • Map of Texas, 1879, Rand McNally
  • Sam Street 1895 Map of Tarrant County
  • Wedgwood Addition, four sheets dating 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958
  • Maud T. Crowdus tract in L.G. Tinsley survey (Riverside), 1945
  • Plat of North Fort Worth adjacent to Oakwood Cemetery, circa 1900 (three sheets)
  • Rosen Heights Independent School District, 1905 (two sheets)
  • Alignment of Streets Adjacent to Samuels Avenue and Plat Maps Along Samuels Avenue, 1939 (eight sheets)
  • Plat of Lot 1-R, Block 1, Oakwood Cemetery, 1985
  • North Central Fort Worth Plat Map / TAD map of northern portion Samuels Avenue (number 2048-400)
  • Blueprint: Renovations to Basements in Civil Courts Building, 1991, prior to remodel for archives
  • Blueprints: Northside Technical High School (formerly North Side High School, Preston Geren, architects, 1937 (four sheets)
  • Blueprints: J. P. Elder Junior High Annex (formerly North Side High School and Technical High School), 1955 (four sheets)
  • Proposed Texas 121, North Section showing proposed Trinity River Crossings.(Job Number: CSJ504-2-17), undated (circa 1955)
  • Plat maps for Mistletoe Heights Addition and Declaration of Use, 1890, 1911 (3 sheets)


  • Four microfilm reels purchased from NARA, each is giving reports from the Second Cavalry.
    • Post returns for Fort Worth from June 1849–August 1853.(Note: from very first report sent by Ripley Arnold, he heads the report as coming from Fort Worth on the West Fork of the Trinity River. He never refers to it as Camp Worth in any reports.)
    • Reports from regular army 1833-1916 for Second Cavalry Second Dragoons December 1836 - December 1846
    • Second Cavalry (Second Dragoons). Ripley Arnold’s name begins to be mentioned as a captain, circa June 30, 1848
    • Second Cavalry reports 1849-1855 (no data from Jan. 1854) No separate reports for Company F.

Photographs and Negatives

  • Marion Loyd Homestead historical marker, May 1980 (photographs and negatives)
  • Copy Print Photograph: Grunewald Pavillion, circa 1900-1905
  • House on Schwartz Street, north of 28th Street, photographs and negatives, circa 1992
  • Tarrant County Historical Commission members Quentin McGown, Evelyn Cushman, and Lela Standifer at Texas Historical Commission conference in Dallas, April 27-29, 1989
  • Houses showing Hispanic influence in architecture, June 1991
    • 1724 W. Broadus, Fort Worth
    • Matthews Memorial Methodist Church, 2416 W. Berry, Fort Worth
    • 2301 Medford Court W. Fort Worth
    • 2501 Fifth Avenue, Fort Worth, Bevan house.
    • 1410 Mistletoe Drive, Team house, Fort Worth
    • Holly Water Plant, Fort Worth Water Department
    • Holly Water Treatment Plant
    • Montgomery Ward store and catalog center, auto store
    • 3812 Monticello Drive, Fort Worth, M. O. Rife house
    • 960 W. Bluff, Fort Worth, Mexican Presbyterian Church/Gethsemane Presbyterian
    • 1003 E. Terrell Avenue, Holy Name Catholic Church/ Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church
    • Lacy Courts, 4500 block, Surfside Drive North, Lake Worth
    • Lacy Courts, 4500 block, Surfside Drive North, Lake Worth. circa 1937
    • Fort Worth Livestock Exchange Building, 131 E. Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth
    • Horse and Mule Barns, Fort Worth  Stockyards, 122 E. Exchange Avenue
    • Coliseum, Fort Worth  Stockyards, 123 E. Exchange Avenue
    • Stockyards National Bank, 115 E. Exchange Avenue
    • North Fort Worth High School, 600 Park Street, built circa 1918
    • North Fort Worth High School/Elder Jr. High (detail)
    • North Hi Mount Elementary School, 3801 W. 7th Street, Fort Worth, built circa 1935
    • 4620 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth. Sinclair Gas Station, built circa 1937
    • 6100 Camp Bowie Blvd. Ridglea Village shopping center
    • 6000 Camp Bowie Blvd., Ridglea Theater, built circa 1950
  • Negatives
    • Marker dedication for South Euless Elementary, 605 S. Main Street, Euless, 1993
    • Texas Historical Commission Conference, Austin, Texas, 1997, at workshop on restoring community schools with Lela Standifer as a presenter.


  • Aquaduck Cruise/Tour on Trinity River, Fort Worth, circa 1957-1963
  • Our Lady of Victory College and Academy, Fort Worth, Northeast view, undated
  • Our Lady of Victory College and Academy, Fort Worth, aerial view and various views, undated
  • Aerial view of Downtown Fort Worth, large size postcard, circa 1998
  • Interstate 30 Mixmaster, east of Downtown Fort Worth, 1991
  • Four scenes at Stockyards, photos by Joe Tomala Jr. and Buddy Moffet, undated
  • Fort Worth Water Gardens, undated
  • Billy Bob's Texas, undated
  • The Ballpark in Arlington, 1994
  • Fort Worth (showing Tarrant County Courthouse, Fort Worth Botanic Gardens sign, Chisholm Trail mural in Sundance Square)
  • The Fountain at Texas Christian University (TCU), 1996
  • Greater Fort Worth International Airport, Amon Carter Field, east elevation and passenger loading apron, oversized postcard, undated
  • Fort Worth Stockyards Hog and Sheep Markets
  • Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine
  • Picture of Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Waco, Texas
  • Texas State Flower, Bluebonnets, photo courtesy Texas State Department of Highway and Public Transportation
  • Stockyards, North Main and Exchange Avenue
  • Picture of Texas Armadillo
  • "Texas, The Lone Star State" heading: Texas Map, picture of longhorn, and picture of bluebonnets
  • Rodeo photograph, titled "Texas Rodeo." An outdoor rodeo
  • Rockaway Courts and Cafe, 5900 Camp Bowie (two different postcards)

Research Materials

  • City of Fort Worth Annual Report, June 1986
  • In 1991, the Tarrant County Historical Commission assumed the goal of seeking a National Registered landmark status for the Samuels Avenue neighborhood. This effort was precipitated by the fear that Texas 121 was being expanded to bisect the neighborhood and cause much loss of its integrity as a historic neighborhood in Fort Worth. The project was abandoned when told by the THC that there was not enough of the original neighborhood remaining to qualify. There is much pertinent information in this collection that can be useful to later researchers.
    • Potential Properties List
    • Proposed Freeway (Texas 121)
    • House and owners list
    • National Register guidelines
    • National Register nomination drafts
    • Volunteer researcher kit
    • Articles on Samuels Avenue area
    • Notes by Carol Roark
    • maps
    • Baldwin Samuels
    • Grunewald Family
    • Cold Springs
    • Gilmore, Williams and Harrison addition, Driving Park
    • Nash School
    • Pioneer Rest Cemetery
    • Traders Oak Park
    • 801 Bennett, also 805
    • 815 Bennett
    • 901 Bennett
    • 801 Greer
    • 1100 Mayfield (shotgun houses near RR)
    • Pavillion Street (location of Grunewald Pavillion)
    • Peach Street
    • Poindexter Street (formerly Pearl Street)
    • 605 Samuels Avenue
    • 609 Samuels Avenue
    • 619 Samuels Avenue
    • 647 Samuels Avenue
    • 731 Samuels Avenue
    • 746 Samuels Avenue
    • 748 Samuels Avenue
    • 760 Samuels Avenue
    • 761 Samuels Avenue
    • 765 Samuels Avenue
    • 769 Samuels Avenue (Garvey-Viehl-Kelley house)
    • 811 Samuels Avenue
    • 823 Samuels Avenue (Reilly – Lehane house)
    • 915 Samuels Avenue (Talbot- Wall house)
    • 1005 Samuels Avenue
    • 1009 Samuels Avenue
    • 1011 Samuels Avenue
    • 1017 Samuels Avenue
    • 1104 Samuels Avenue
    • 1106 Samuels Avenue
    • 1109 Samuels Avenue
    • Holloway Addition
  • Financial Records
    • Tarrant County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for year ending December 31, 1986. Includes Tarrant County and Tarrant County Hospital District
    • Tarrant Appraisal District 1988 Adopted Budget
    • Tarrant Appraisal District 1989 Preliminary Proposed Budget
    • Cash Book (unidentified), dating from approximately April 1, 1902 through September 30, 1904.

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