John Tandy Collection

Summary: John Tandy donated digital images of photographs of Roger Tandy (his great-great-grandfather) and his wife, Mary. He found these photographs in the rafters of the garage of the Tandy House. Roger, who came to Texas (Texarkana) in 1853 and to Fort Worth in 1854, was married to Mary in Kentucky in 1844. He would have been 38 years old at that time. The donor believes these are their wedding photos. They were most likely taken prior to their journey to Texas, when he would have been 47 years old. The original photos are approximately 22 by 22.5 inches, including the wooden frames. The donor also included a photo of the canvas water bag that was on the oxen pulled wagon that brought the Tandys from Kentucky to Texas, according to the donor's father.

Digital Images

  • Digital Image of Roger Tandy, original circa 1844 (image shown below at right)
  • Digital Image of Mary Tandy, original circa 1844 (image shows below at left)
  • Digital Image of Tandy canvas water bag reportedly carried by Tandys from Kentucky to Texas in 1853

Mary Tandy

Pictured: Mary Tandy, circa 1844

Roger Tandy

Pictured: Roger Tandy, circa 1844

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