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Summary: Donor gave employee service pins and photographs from various County-related events, primarily from 2001-2002.  The events include the Olympics torch-passing ceremony in Downtown Fort Worth (2001), Employee Appreciation Day, and the filming of the last episode of the television show "Walker, Texas Ranger" at the Tarrant County Courthouse steps on March 29, 2001. County officials, including County Commissioners are featured in many of the photographs.

Commissioner Dionee Bagsby with O.D. Wyatt Choir, 2001

Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with O.D. Wyatt Choir, December 11, 2001

  • Twenty color 4 by 6 inches photographs taken by various people on County staff; three color images made on computer printer
    1. "Sound of Music" with waterfall, 1st place, Information Technology
    2. Bass Hall, second place, Resource Connection
    3. "U-2 can make a difference," third place, Sheriff's Department, Confinement, Old Jail
    4. County Clerk's Office
    5. Transportation Department Wagon driven by two monkeys with sign saying "Food Bank or Bust"
    6. Auditor's Office, "Chew Chew"
    7. Probate Court 1 and 2. "Election 2000" with Bush and Gore
    8. Budget Office, Debbie Schneider as Bank President
    9. Budget Office, The Budget Bank of Tarrant County, with Freida, Amanda, and Vickie
    10. Budget Office, Paul Wood by Frontier Safe Company
    11. Community Supervision and Corrections Department; Christmas creche with fireplace scene
    12. Community Supervision and Corrections Department; "Charlie's Angels"
    13. Poster with photographs of various can displays
    14. Budget Department holding award; collected most pounds of cans
    15. Fred Erickson; individual who raised the most money at Heart Walk
    16. Sheriff's Department; Cold Springs
    17. Sheriff's Department; Green Bay, second place for most pounds collected
    18. Wanda Bogus, County Clerk's office; Heart Walk Team
    19. Canned Food Creative Display, second place; Resource Connections
    20. Information Technology, 1st place creative display
    21. "Scales of Justice"; entry from District Attorney's Office
  • Twenty-five color photographs 4 by 6 inches; photographer unknown; no negatives
    1. Commissioner for a day
    2. "Walker, Texas Ranger" filming of last episode at courthouse, March 29, 2001
    3. "Walker, Texas Ranger" onlookers with trooper car
    4. "Walker, Texas Ranger" set with man in camouflage
    5. "Walker, Texas Ranger" Chuck Norris in center in black Stetson
    6. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, Deputy at table with kids
    7. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, woman in yellow hat with kids
    8. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, children under tent listening
    9. County Adopt a School, Pen Pals Picnic, girls drawing, woman cutting
    10. 13th Annual Employee Appreciation Day
    11. Judge Vandergriff with Glen Shaw
    12. Judge Vandergriff with Glen Shaw on podium
    13. Commissioner with honorees
    14. Dionne Bagsby with people
    15. Glen Whitley with people
    16. Annual Employment Appreciation Day entertainment
    17. Band on stage, man playing trumpet
    18. Band, five players, all with strings
    19. Al Roy, employee, Public Health Department
    20. Girl singer with band
    21. Plant sale
    22. Crowd by pant sale
    23. Chairs in front of stage
    24. Crowd by stage, chairs
    25. Crowd with plant sale
  • Eighteen color 4 by 6 inches photographs of various County-related events:
    1. Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with choir from O. D. Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, on occasion choir performed a holiday program for Commissioners Court, December 11, 2001
    2. Representatives from First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, delivering about 10,000 cookies to the Tarrant County Jail,  December 14, 2001. Included with cookies was paper wreath with holiday greetings
    3. "Kick the Can" fundraiser for Tarrant Area Food Bank: winning team from Tarrant County Public Health Department holding trophy on Main Street, Fort Worth, November 2, 2002
    4. "Kick the Can" fundraiser for Tarrant Area Food Bank: Tarrant County Housing Department dressed as Elvis Presley impersonators, November 2, 2001
    5. National Adoption Day, 233rd District Judge Bill Harris at his bench surrounded by stuffed bears, November 17, 2001
    6. National Adoption Day, 325th District Judge Judith Wells and 324th District Judge Brian Carper in courtroom surrounded by stuffed bears
    7. National Adoption Day, 360th District Judge Debra Lehrmann surrounded by Family Clerks, November 17, 2001. Excerpt from Tarrant County newsletter, Winter 2002
    8. 2002 Winter Olympics torch relay through downtown Fort Worth, December 12, 2001. Photos number eight to eighteen are all related to this relay. Photo number eight shows Courthouse with police escort coming south from W. Weatherford
    9. Bus escort with logo: light the fire within
    10. Escort cars passing First Street and Main, with Courthouse in rear of parade
    11. Crowd on sidewalk waiting for torch-bearer
    12. Female torch-bearer in white suit, followed by male runner in blue
    13. Female torch-bearer at 1st and Main with two runners in blue on either side
    14. Wider angle of number 13, showing crowd on sidewalk, news truck by curb
    15. Side shot of runner with torch by northeast corner of Worthington Hotel
    16. New runner in white with white cap approaching torchbearer
    17. Hand-off of torch being carried out at 2nd and Main
    18. Male torch-bearer in white continuing south on Main. Christmas tree standing at intersection of 4th and Main.
  • Eleven color, 4 by 6 inches photographs, no negatives. Photographers are unknown
    1. Commissioners Court, December 11, 2001. From left to right: Commissioner Dionne Bagsby, Commissioner Marti Van Ravenswaay, County Judge Tom Vandergriff, Commissioner Glen Whitley, Commissioner J D Johnson
    2. Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with the O. D. Wyatt High School choir, December 11, 2001.
    3. O. D. Wyatt High School choir, singing carols, hallway of County Administration Building, December 11, 2001
    4. County Employee Appreciation Day, Judge Brent Carr, CCC9, Family and Friends, perform as a band, May 7, 2002. At main entrance of County Administration Building, 100 E. Weatherford
    5. Some of 25 and 30 year employee honorees seated before the stage
    6. County employees enjoying festival, Administration Building in rear
    7. County employees at festival, Courthouse and Civil Courts in rear
    8. Some honorees on stage with Judge Vandergriff
    9. Emcee Michael Scott, NBC Channel 5, at podium
    10. Lilly Newfarmer, Tarrant County Credit Union president, at podium
    11. Choir from Ambassadors of Christ Christian Academy performing
  • Three color 4 by 6 inches photographs taken October 30, 2002
    1. County Judge Tom Vandergriff giving Welcome and introductions
    2. Judge Judith Wells, 325th District Court speaking at podium
    3. Crowd after the ceremony on site
  • Employee Service Recognition Pins
    • Ten year gold lapel pin, with tie bar attachment below, one diamond below "Tarrant"
    • Twenty-five year gold lapel pin, with four diamonds below "Tarrant County"
    • Thirty-five year gold charm with six diamonds in oak leak garlands
    • Thirty-five year gold disc with one diamond; one-of-a-kind
    • Five year gold pin
    • Fifteen year pin with two small diamonds under "Tarrant County"
    • Thirty year pin with five small diamonds under "Tarrant County"
  • Photograph: Judge Tom Vandergriff and Mike Snyder, news anchor for NBC5 at annual Tarrant County Employee Appreciation day, May 2, 2006. Color print, 4 by 6 inches


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