Tarrant County Transportation Department Collection


Crowd during ceremonies after restoration of 1895 Courthouse, 1983

Crowd scene at Tarrant County Courthouse restoration ceremony, December 3, 1983

Summary: Donor gave photographs of ceremonies held in Downtown Fort Worth following the restoration of the 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse in 1983 and architectural plans showing renovations for Elmwood Sanitarium, the Tarrant County Courthouse, and various county sub-courthouses.

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  • Eighteen 8 by 10 inches color photographs taken at ceremonies following restoration of the 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse. Ceremony held December 3, 1983
    1. Fort Worth mayor Bob Bolen at podium
    2. Texas Rep. Gib Lewis at podium
    3. Group of dignitaries on platform on courthouse steps
    4. Crowd scene at courthouse ceremony
    5. Crowd scene at courthouse ceremony (image shown)
    6. Ruth Stone, TCHC member on courthouse steps
    7. Two attendees of ceremonies, Judge Ashmore and woman
    8. Judge Mike Moncrief and County Commissioner Gib Lewis
    9. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    10. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    11. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    12. Attendees at courthouse ceremony
    13. Crown scene at courthouse ceremony
    14. Platform dignitaries and crowd at ceremony
    15. through 18. Dignitaries traveling to ceremony in horse drawn carriages
  • Building and landscaping plans for Elmwood Sanatorium and the Tarrant County Home for the Aged
    • An Addition to Elmwood Sanitarium plans by Preston M. Geren. February 11, 1956. (also spelled Sanatorium on plans)
       13 pages of plans
    • A Home for the Aged, for Tarrant County, plans by Earl E. Koeppe, AIA.
       June 17, 1964. Two pages
    • Tarrant County Home, plumbing alterations and repairs, plans by Wyatt C.
       Hedrick, January 25, 1933. Three pages
    • Tarrant County Highway Department, Plan of Hospital Building for the Tarrant
       County Poor Farm, W. Stevens, County Engineer. July 1934. three pages, two are
       blue prints and one is on tissue; all are duplicates
    • Tarrant County Home, unattributed and undated, one page
    • Elmwood Sanatorium, a footprint of the building with detailed landscaping plans. Copy made from original still held by Transportation Dept. It is undated and unattributed. One page
  • Plans: Tarrant County Subcourthouse, Arlington. Remodel existing building. Earl Koeppe, architect. November 16, 1964. Three sheets
  • Plans: Northeast Subcourthouse, North Richland Hills. March 8, 1967. Earl Koeppe. Two copies
  • Plans: Proposed Alterations and Additions to the Tarrant County Courthouse February 1948. Wyatt C Hedrick. Eleven sheets
  • Plans: Alterations and Additions to the Tarrant County Courthouse. December 1950. Wyatt C Hedrick. Seven sheets
  • Plans: Addition to Elmwood Tuberculosis Sanitarium, 2805 Kimbo Road. Plans are mainly mechanical. Preston Geren, eight pages, mechanical three pages. September 10, 1956