Judge Everett Young (297th District Court) Collection

Hon. L. Everett Young 

Summary: Donor served as Judge of the 297th District Court in Tarrant County until December 31, 2014. After cleaning out his office he donated copies of appellate and states briefs to the Archives. The items are divided into the nine boxes listed below and organized in alphabetical order by last name, with the exception of the first Court Opinions box, which begins with a number.

  • Appellate Briefs: Adams - Essary
  • Appellate Briefs: Evans - Kincaid
  • Appellate Briefs: King - Robinson
  • Appellate Briefs: Robinson - Zinsou
  • States Briefs: Acosta - Hill
  • States Briefs: Hill - Rule
  • States Briefs: Saddlemore - Zinsou
  • Court Opinions: One 1978 Chevrolet Corvette - Jurdi
  • Court Opinions: Kennard - Zinsou