Probate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What fees are required to be paid when a case is filed?

You can find out more information about required fees by visiting the County Clerk Probate Fee page.


Where do I file the original will after I have filed my case with the Probate Office?

The will is also to be filed with the County Clerk’s Probate Office located in room B90 at 100 W. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, Texas. Please be sure to provide the assigned case number when you file the will.


Can I file an Affidavit of Heirship with the Probate courts?

No, these documents should be filed in the County Clerk Official Public Records Office located in room B20 at 100 W. Weatherford, Fort Worth, Texas.


How do I obtain a copy of a document for Probate or Guardianship?

For Probate and Guardianship records, please contact the County Clerk Central Library at 817-884-1069.


I am having issues with my Secure Attorney Access Account, what do I do?

Please call our office at 817-884-1765.


How do I subscribe to Secure Attorney Access?

Please visit the County Clerk’s website for the subscription form and instructions. The clerk will contact you by email when the account has been set up. The cost for Secure Attorney Access is a onetime set up fee of $50 and an annual fee of $100.


Who do I contact to get a hearing date set?

These are handled by the Court Coordinators. Please contact the Court Coordinator for your assigned court.  Probate Court 1: 817-212-7238, Probate Court 2: 817-884-1415


How do I file an annual report?

Annual reports can be filed in person, vial mail or online by visiting the Probate Courts’ website . Please note, the report must be accompanied by the required $12 filing fee. Please see the courts’ website for more specific information.


How do I obtain Letters of Administration/Testamentary for Probate cases?

If the will has been probated, the order appointing the executor or administrator has been signed, the oath has been sworn to, and the bond has been posted, you can contact the clerk at 817-884-2841 to place an order for letters. There is a $2 fee for each letter (note: all court costs and fees must be paid before letters will be issued.)


Am I allowed to file to probate my relative’s will without an attorney?

No. View the courts’ rules for ProSe policy.


Can I file my will for safekeeping?

For a fee of $5, wills can be filed for safekeeping in the County Clerk’s Probate Office located in room B90 at 100 W. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, Texas 76196. For more information, please call 817-884-1770.


What type of payments do you accept?  

We accept cash, check, credit card and money orders made payable to the Tarrant County Clerk. All payments can be made in person or by mail. If you wish to pay online with a credit card, please visit the County Clerk webpage.


Where do I file a Small Estates Affidavit?

These documents are filed in County Clerk’s Probate Office located in room 233 at 100. W. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, Texas 76196. The filing fee for a Small Estate Affidavit is $400.


Do I need an attorney to file a Small Estates Affidavit?

No, but because the clerks are not attorneys, we are unable to give you any legal advice and strongly suggest you contact an attorney if you have any legal questions.


Do the Probate Courts require the Probate Supplemental Sheet



How do I efile subsequent documents?

All subsequent documents should be filed as lead documents, including proposed orders.


How do I e-file?

Please visit the Efile Texas website at for instructions on how to e-file. You can also find the Probate Courts’ Local Rules for e-filing by visiting the Probate Courts on the County Clerk Probate eFiling page.


Why was my e-file rejected?

Please review the rejection code and note accompanying your returned filing. If you still need assistance, please contact the clerk’s office at 817-884-1770.


How can I find information about the Civil Commitment Process in Tarrant County?

The following resources will help you:

Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County

Behavior Health Crisis Services Pamphlet


How can I find information about my will?

The following resource will help you:

Instructions for Depositing a Will for Safekeeping in the County Clerk's Probate Office