Records Intake FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you help me prepare my document?

We cannot assist in document preparation.  All documents must be prepared, signed and/or notarized before submitting for record.


Can I see my document online?

Yes, you may search, view, and even purchase copies of documents using our online public access site at


Will you notarize my document for me?

No, your document must be signed and notarized before submitting it for recording.


Can I record a copy of my Will?

We only record Probated Wills.  If you wish to store a copy of your Will at the Tarrant County Courthouse, you can bring it to 100 W. Weatherford St. Room B90 Fort Worth, TX, and it will be stored for a fee.

Can I record a document at one of the Tarrant County Subcourthouses?

No, land documents are recorded at 100 W. Weatherford St. Room B20 Fort Worth, TX 76196.  Documents can be brought in person or sent by mail.


Do all of the parties named on the document have to be present to record my document?

No, parties need not be present to record the document.


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept credit card, cash, check, or money orders made payable to the Tarrant County Clerk.  Credit card payments are subject to an additional fee.


Can I get a certified copy of my document?

Not at the time of recording.  Certified copies are available within 5-7 days after recording.  You can search, view, and purchase copies of your document using our online public access site at


Can you record documents printed on legal size paper?

Yes, documents can be on legal or letter size paper, either one is acceptable.


How long will it take before my document can be seen by the public?

Document recorded can be viewed immediately upon recording upon our public browse kiosks.  Online viewing is available within 5-7 days after recording.


How much does it cost to record a document?

For most documents the fee is $20 for the first page, and $4 for each additional page.  Documents printed on front and back are considered 2 pages.


How long will it take to record my document?

A document filed in person is processed, scanned, and assigned an instrument number while you wait.  Your original document is then returned to you along with proof of recording.  The entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes.  Large, or multiple documents will take longer to process.


Will you record from a copy?

No, you must bring the original document or a Clerk Certified Copy.