Redaction is the process of editing or removing personal identifiers from a document or record. In an effort to protect the citizens of Tarrant County, the Tarrant County Clerk’s Office has taken measures to redact social security numbers, Federal tax identification numbers, dates of birth, and drivers license numbers from our online public records. However, if you encounter a record with any of the personal identifiers listed above, please complete the Redaction Request Form and return it to:


Mail: Tarrant County Clerk, Tarrant County
ATTN: Redaction Request
100 West Weatherford
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0401


Fax: 817-884-3295


This document contains form fields that can be edited within your browser. Some browser security settings may prevent access to PDF forms. If you are unable to edit the form in your browser, try downloading the file to your system and opening it directly. To download the file, right-click the link and choose the "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." option.


Please note Texas Government Code § 552.147 allows for the redaction of social security numbers up to the last 4 numbers only.


The best course of action is to ensure no documents are recorded with personal identifiers. The information can be stricken from the document before being presented for filing in the County Clerk’s Office.