Recording Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2024


Documents to be considered for filing in Official Public Records should be addressed to:

Tarrant County Clerk

Attn:  Room B20

100 W. Weatherford Street

Fort Worth, TX  76196



1. All plats must be black line originals.

2. The scale must be no smaller than 1" = 200'. (Anything smaller will not be accepted.)

3. All plats must have original and legible signatures and seals.

4. All plats must have signature and seal of surveyor including address and phone number.

5. All plats must be approved by city or governing body, commissioners.

6. All plats filed must have an original tax certificate submitted with it from each taxing unit with jurisdiction of the real property, indicating that no delinquent taxes are owed and that taxes for the current year have been paid. After September 1, a certificate showing that the taxes for that year are paid, but that the taxes for the upcoming year have yet to be calculated is required. (House Bills 1563 & 3101).

7. Dedication, legal description, etc. can be on plat or submitted on separate legal or letter-sized sheets with owner or owner's agent signature and proper acknowledgement.

8. Any deviation from plat filing guidelines will result in double filing fees.

The County Clerk’s Office attempts to keep the information on its related web sites accurate and current. Nevertheless, the information available via the Internet is not the official record of the County Clerk’s Office.  The County Clerk makes no warranty, express or implied, of the information's condition, merchantability, workmanship, or fitness for a particular purpose.  Official, certified records may be obtained only from the tangible records physically located in the office of the Tarrant County Clerk.





Substitute Trustee Sale Notices should be delivered to:

Tarrant County Clerk

Attn:  Room B30

100 W. Weatherford Street

Fort Worth, TX  76196